Kailyn Lowry Has Every Right To Enjoy This Pregnancy Despite Baby Daddy Rumors [Opinion]

Kailyn Lowry announced back in February that she was pregnant with her third child. Even though rumors had surfaced about this Teen Mom 2 star and her pregnancy, people didn’t really believe them because she had just gotten divorced. Plus, Lowry had been very open about not wanting another child as she was wrapping up her education and wanted to get a job right away. However, this pregnancy is a bit of a secret one, as Kailyn hasn’t revealed the father of the baby. But as it turns out, it doesn’t really matter.

Lowry has every right to enjoy this pregnancy like her two other pregnancies, even though she hasn’t revealed all of the details about the baby’s father. Even though Kailyn is confronted constantly with questions about the baby’s father, Lowry is focusing on the positive aspects of her pregnancy. And according to a new tweet, Kailyn Lowry is revealing just how exciting it is to feel the baby kick.

“This baby is going wild inside right now,” Kailyn Lowry gushed on social media this week, to which one person wrote back to Lowry, “You would think that by the 3rd you would get used to it… but nope!!! It’s Still as amazing as the first time!”

“Right!!! I love it like I’m experiencing it for the first time,” Kailyn revealed, sharing that she’s loving every minute of this pregnancy, even though it is her third pregnancy.

Lowry has been sharing some pregnancy planning on SnapChat, and she’s currently decorating the nursery in a gray color. If she’s having a girl, she will simply add some pink and purple to the gray to make it more feminine. And it sounds like people fully support her decision to wait to find out the gender of the baby. While many people expect that she’s having a boy since she already has two boys, some believe she’s having a girl.

“Love it! Congrats girl! We are due around the same time! Also with two boys And not finding out till baby is born as well! Wishing you the best!” one person wrote to Kailyn, sharing excitement over this pregnancy.

Kailyn Lowry has also been asking her Twitter followers about the name of the baby. Lowry wanted some inspiration and advice from her followers, but she hasn’t picked out any names. It sounds like this may be something she will be battling with for a few more months. And when asked if she had a short list of names, she said no.

“None. There are names I kind of like… but none I’m set on,” Lowry revealed when asked about potential baby names.

“Well Isaac came from band u like and Lincoln came from a tv show so maybe a place u visit/like or something,” one person suggested, while another added, “It’s going to be interesting. Boring doesn’t seem to be your style.”

“I’m the same way about boy names. I don’t really love anything. My husband loves the name Lincoln though. (We are currently trying),” one person shared, adding, “I struggled picking out a boy name before I knew and it turns out I’m having a girl.”

Even though some people have judged Kailyn for getting pregnant so soon after her divorce, she has every right to enjoy this pregnancy like she did her two other pregnancies. And she should enjoy every kick, every decorative decision in the process, and every tweet from supportive fans.

What do you think about Kailyn Lowry’s pregnancy? Do you think Kailyn is enjoying this pregnancy or do you think people should back off a bit and let her enjoy the pregnancy?

[Featured Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]