The Top 5 ‘Shameless’ Scenes Where Lip Shows Us Why We Love Him [Opinion]

Shameless has become one of the biggest Showtime hits. Part of the reason for the success of Shameless is the diversity of characters. There’s Fiona, the big sister played by Emmy Rossum, who seems to always mess up a good thing. There’s Frank, the father of the Gallagher clan, played by William H. Macy, who is always drunk or high and constantly reminds viewers of why they show is called Shameless. And then there is the rest of the family – Lip, Debbie, Carl, and young Liam. That’s not even to mention the awesome supporting characters like Mickey, Kev and Veronica, and the assortment of boyfriends, girlfriends, and lovers that have appeared in Shameless throughout the first seven seasons. Each character on Shameless brings something special to the series.

One of the characters that female fans in particular love is Lip Gallagher on Shameless, who is played by Jeremy Allen White. There’s no doubt that he’s a bad boy. He’s always getting into trouble with either women or the law – or both. On Shameless, Lip is definitely the ladies man. He loves women and hates himself and as a result, he often refuses to accept love. Perhaps this is why women love the character of Lip on Shameless so much.

One might argue that Lip is one of Shameless‘s most shameless characters. That would be an easy argument to win. Just as a sample, some of the things he’s done during the first seven seasons of Shameless include having sex with Karen when he is supposed to be tutoring her, getting Karen to try to awaken Ian’s heterosexual tendencies, sleeping with multiple women at the same time (Mandy and Karen), yelling at Mandy when she tried to help him get into college, trashing the vehicles outside the university when he lost his job (not to mention getting drunk while at his job at the university), and beating the son of the professor that Lip was sleeping with when he thought that her son was sleeping with this professor. This is just a small sample of his stunts that might make you dislike him on Shameless.

But then, Lip has his non-shameless moments on Shameless where you can see that he’s just a hurting young man. He has Shameless scenes where you want to take him home and fix all of his problems for him because he obvious doesn’t have a clue how to deal with life himself. There are Shameless scenes where you can see that he’s a really good person under all the drinking and the drunks and the sleeping around and you want to bring out the best in him.

Here are the top five best Shameless scenes where Lip makes you fall in love with him:

#1 Season 1 of Shameless – Lip Takes A Beating

In Season 1 of Shameless, Ian is running from Mickey and Mickey is ready to give him a beating because he thinks that Ian messed with Mandy (who only told Mickey that because Ian wouldn’t mess with her). When Mickey runs into Lip on the street and Lip won’t tell Mickey where Ian is, Mickey decides that Lip will have to take the beating – and he does. He could simply have lied to Mickey or he could have told him where Ian was, but instead, he faced up to Mickey and his thugs and the result was not pleasant. You really get to see what Lip is made of in this episode of Shameless.

One of Lip's top Shameless scenes is when he takes a beating for his brother Ian (Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images for Entertainment Weekly)

#2 Season 2 of Shameless – The Baby

In Season 2 of Shameless, Karen gets pregnant and Lip could be the father. At first, he wants her to have an abortion but then he changes his mind. Karen decides she is going to make some money off the baby and adopt it to a rich family. But Lip gets attached to the baby. He tries to convince Karen to lay off the drugs and he goes with her to meet the adoptive families she’s considering. Then she gives birth and it is obvious that the baby is not Lip’s. The look on his face is one of Lip’s most heartbreaking Shameless moments.

Shameless Lip and Karen
Another top Shameless scene is when Lip finds out that Karen's baby is not his (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

#3 Season 4 of Shameless – Lip The Caregiver

When Fiona has a party and Liam gets into drugs and almost dies, Fiona almost ends up in jail. In Season 4 of Shameless, Lip really has to pull it together and play the caregiver role for the whole family because Fiona has really lost it and he doesn’t trust her. We really get to see a different side of Lip in this season of Shameless. While going to college and working, he cares for Liam and the moments between the two brothers are touching. Lip has always been kind of carefree but he’s determined to make sure that Liam and his other young siblings are safe and taken care of.

#4 Season 6 of Shameless – It’s Over

In Season 6 of Shameless, Lip’s relationship with Helene, the professor, comes to an end and Lip is heartbroken. Every scene with Lip and Helene in this season of Shameless is just heartbreaking but the worst is when Lip gets drunk and goes to her house. It is only then that he really realizes that whatever they had is gone for good and that he’s never going to get her back.

#5 Season 7 of Shameless – Too Far

In Season 7 of Shameless, Lip is trying to get his life back together after spending some time in rehab to deal with his alcoholism and getting kicked out of college. He knows he screwed up and he knows he’s got to figure out where to go from here. He meets Sierra and they start a very non-committed type of relationship (as many Shameless relationships are). But when he develops feelings for Sierra things get messed up. Lip starts drinking again and by the end of the most recent Shameless season, Lip is beating the daylights out of Sierra’s ex-boyfriend and the father of her son on the street. When they finally pull him away and he looks at her and realizes how drunk he is, he knows that he has screwed up again. He has this look on his face that just breaks your heart.

Thankfully, Season 7 of Shameless doesn’t end so badly for Lip, as Entertainment Weekly reminds us. Sierra admits that she still cares for him and he ends the season by going to an AA meeting with his sponsor.

What was your favorite Lip moment on Shameless? Do you think Season 8 of Shameless will bring good things for Lip or will he mess it all up again?

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