World War 3 Fears Loom As North Korea’s ‘Crazy Fat Kid’ Threatens U.S. Sub? [Opinion]

Kim Jong Un recently warned that if an American submarine came any closer to North Korean waters, he’d blow it up. The nuclear submarine, USS Michigan, was recently joined by the USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier in a show of force after North Korea fired another missile on Saturday morning. Recent headlines have conjured up worries of war as Kim Jong Un has made it quite clear to his people that they are on the cusp of a nuclear war.

How did this all start? There is probably not just one event that set Kim Jong Un on this tangent of war, but there is an event that put the North Korean ruler over the edge and started him talking about war. This happened at the beginning of the year and had nothing to do with Trump. Apparently it all boils down to the word “fat.” This was a name he was called and a name that had him furious enough to consider it an insult that was equivalent to a declaration of war, according to the Mirror.

As Kim Jong Un ups the ante, worries of a war erupting has seeped into the daily lives of Americans nationwide. The USS Carl Vinson met up with the USS Michigan at the naval base in Busan, South Korea, which is sending the message that the U.S. is serious about North Korea putting a stop to its missile testing, reports the Daily Mail.

Despite all the warnings from the U.S., Kim Jong Un continues to dangle the threat of nuclear weapons. It was just hours after North Korea announced that “it was on the brink of a nuclear war,” that the missile was launched in what as seen as an act of defiance. China, who joined with the U.S. in requesting North Korea stop their missile testing, is a nation that was in the good graces of North Korea in the past.

By firing the mid-range KN-17 ballistic missile on Saturday, Kim Jong Un has disrespected the wishes of China, according to President Donald Trump. Anything that Donald Trump says publicly is getting back to Kim Jong Un, who apparently doesn’t care that he has embarrassed a powerful country like China by not honoring their requests. China is also not pleased with his firing of these missiles.

Despite two of the most powerful countries on the face of the Earth warning the North Korean ruler that he needs to stop this missile testing, it appears not to make a difference. If the American nuclear submarine “tries to budge even a little, it will be doomed to face the miserable fate of becoming an underwater ghost,” which is a warning that North Korea’s propaganda website, Uriminzokkiri, posted over the weekend.

This propaganda website has also reported to their readers in North Korea that the U.S. has positioned the nuclear submarine along with the super aircraft carrier strike group to “further intensive threats toward our republic.” As these ships of war wait off the Korean Peninsula, the website stated that their nation will also sink the USS Carl Vinson if it comes any closer to North Korea.

The propaganda website stated the following.

“Whether it’s a nuclear aircraft carrier or a nuclear submarine, they will be turned into a mass of scrap metal in front of our invincible military power centered on the self-defense nuclear deterrence.”

This latest missile test has Donald Trump not ruling out taking action against North Korea. According to the Daily Mail, the president is hinting at doing just that if Kim Jong Un carries out another missile test. According to Fox News live on Monday afternoon, tensions are growing after Kim Jong Un’s second missile test in the last two weeks.

The U.S. tested a long-range missile of its own last Wednesday, according to Fox News. The missile is nuclear capable, but for the sake of the test it was unarmed. The Minuteman III missile traveled 4,000 miles over the Pacific Ocean once it was launched form Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, which is located about 130 miles outside of Los Angeles. It splashed down as planned in the area of the Marshall Islands in the South Pacific.

According to officials, this test was in the works for a very long time, although it might look as if it is a show of what the U.S. missiles are capable of in comparison to North Korea’s unsuccessful missile demonstration. Kim Jong Un’s tests have not been very successful, as the BBC reports that Saturday’s launch was the second unsuccessful missile test for Kim Jong Un in the last two weeks.

Headlines suggesting “World War 3” is looming are popping up in the news regarding the missile testing by North Korea and President Trump’s reaction to this. With Trump not ruling out retaliation on North Korea, some media sites are offering up some scary thoughts on war. The Independent writes,

“In the whole of human history there has never been a bigger powder keg. Nor men so strange playing with a box of matches near it.”

What people need to remember is that Kim Jong Un could easily “plunge this planet into it third world war inside a century, ” suggests The Independent. The North Korean ruler could do this with or without Trump thrown into the equation. This is not Trump’s doing, he is standing up to a world tyrant who is making and demonstrating threats against other nations, including the United States.

This North Korean ruler has been pretty much doing what he wants to for a very long time. Many worry if this guy is even stable, as he had ordered members of his own family executed, like his uncle and half brother. The Mirror reported back in March that this North Korea ruler started threatening “all-out war” with America after a blurb by Senator John McCain.

McCain called Kim Jong Un a “crazy fat kid” and this is when North Korea retaliated with words of fury saying that McCains “fat jibe” was “little short of declaration of war.” Kim Jong Un’s mindset on war is not a reflection on Trump or McCain, it is who this man is.

What is different in the year 2017 is that we have a president who will not put up with nonsense and threats against the nation. When Trump draws that red line and someone steps over it, he doesn’t move it further away, he acts.

It is that same red line that Obama kept erasing and placing further away each time someone stepped over it. America has a president today who is not invested in starting World War 3, but he is invested in keeping America safe and with Kim Jong Un threatening nuclear war, there’s a problem he must handle in the best way he knows how.

[Featured Image by Ahn Young-joon/AP Images]