Are NFL Draft Grades Overrated? The Best NFL Players You Probably Forgot Were Late Round Draft Picks [Opinion]

Another NFL Draft has come and gone, and once again the great debate is on for which teams have hit a home run with their picks and which teams have failed.

While it does make for great conversation during the summer months as NFL fans wait for training camp to hit, the truth of the matter is that no one knows if the overall first pick this year (Myles Garrett selected by the Cleveland Browns) will turn out to be any better than the actual last player selected in the 2017 NFL Draft, Chad Kelly the former Old Miss quarterback. Well okay, that may be a stretch, but it does have a lot of truth to it.

That kind of statement may sound funny right now, but history has shown us that some of the best players to ever play in the NFL have come in the late rounds of the NFL Draft. indicates that the 2017 NFL Draft concluded on Saturday night, but the results for this years selections may not be known for a long time to come. Just like investing in stock, the rewards from the NFL Draft may take some time to show some dividends.

In case you have forgotten, here is a list of a few NFL players that you may have believed were first or second round draft picks, but were actually not thought much of on Draft Day.

1. Tom Brady (NFL Draft 2000) – 6th round, 199th overall

Perhaps the biggest steal in NFL history, or all of sports for that matter, Tom Brady has proven the entire draft system wrong as he has flourished to become the greatest quarterback in the game. Six quarterbacks were chosen ahead of Brady back in 2000, do you remember who they were? Here is four of the not so household names – Giovani Carmazzi, Chris Redman, Tee Martin and Spergon Wynn.

2. Antonio Brown (NFL Draft 2010) – 6th round, 195th overall

Antonio Brown was an afterthought back in 2010. Now he is one of the first names people mention when they refer to the Pittsburgh Steelers or when drafting in many fantasy football leagues. Brown, like Brady, was a 6th round selection. Just think of how many teams missed out in this diamond in the rough!

3. Richard Sherman (NFL Draft 2010) – 5th round, 154th overall

Another 2010 NFL Draft selection that slipped by many, Richard Sherman has blossomed into one of the best defensive backs in the NFL today. However, fans in Seattle have to be wondering if one of the leaders of the “Legion of Boom,” will be departing before the 2017 NFL season begins. It would be strange seeing Sherman in a different uniform if he should leave Seattle after all of these years with the Seahawks.

Donald Driver makes a catch for the Green Bay Packers
Donald Driver will go down as the best 7th round draft pick in NFL history. [Image by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images]

4. Donald Driver (NFL Draft 1999) – 7th round, 213th overall

Arguably the best receiver ever drafted in the 7th round, Donald Driver was a driving force for the Green Bay Packers for over a decade. Driver left the game as the all-time leading receiver in Green Bay history with over 10,000 career yards. What a flat out steal for a seventh round selection!

5. Russell Wilson (NFL Draft 2010) – Third Round, 75th overall

You can’t think of the Seattle Seahawks without first thinking of their quarterback Russell Wilson. Wilson took the NFL by storm and has the best winning percentage of any quarterback at home since he joined the league. Many teams missed the boat on Wilson, including the Cleveland Browns who opted to take Brandon Weeden at No. 57 overall over Wilson.

Russell Wilson rolls out to throw a pass for Seattle.
Russell Wilson has been a bargain for the Seahawks as a third round selection. [Image by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images]

Those are the top five that got away from many teams during their time in the NFL draft, however, other greats include defensive back Josh Norman a fifth-round steal for the Carolina Panthers, wideout Brandon Marshall went 119th overall back in 2006 and let us not forget Richard Sherman’s partner in crime, Kam Chancellor who was selected in the fifth round, number 133rd overall back in 2010.

So before you start to think that your favorite NFL team didn’t do so well this past weekend, just keep this list of “unknowns” in mind!

[Featured Image by Andy Lyons/Getty Images]