Why Sonja Morgan Should Just Give Up On Ramona Singer: ‘RHONY’ Star Reveals Harsh Treatment [Opinion]

Sonja Morgan has been on The Real Housewives of New York for years, and she has revealed that she had known Ramona Singer for years prior to the show starting. They had lost contact while they were married, but they reconnected when Sonja joined the show. These two had a great friendship for years, but Morgan is now revealing that Ramona is changing. For a long time, the two of them were friends and had a blast together, but it sounds like Singer’s divorce and her accusations against Sonja has completely changed their relationship. And now, Morgan is revealing that Ramona has treated her horribly for a long time.

According to a new Reality Tea report, Sonja Morgan opened up about their friendship recently, sharing that she doesn’t understand why Singer is turning her back on Morgan. On The Real Housewives of New York, some of the stars are turning their backs on Morgan because of her behavior a few years ago. Dorinda Medley didn’t invite her to the Berkshires because she was afraid of Sonja’s drinking. Bethenny Frankel was furious after learning that Sonja was working on a cheater brand of her business.

But Sonja Morgan never expected that Ramona would turn her back on their friendship. And as she reveals, she hasn’t talked to her former friend all summer last year and was worried about how things would play out, as Ramona had slammed Sonja over her drinking habits.

“I didn’t know what I wanted to do with Ramona because I did not talk to her all summer. She was saying all these terrible things about me last year. She can’t be seen with me because she’s dating? I’ve been embarrassed by her for thirty years,” Sonja Morgan recently revealed, according to Reality Tea, sharing that she never gave up on Ramona Singer when she kept embarrassing her during their friendship.

Of course, Sonja Morgan appears to have her own issues with Dorinda Medley. Medley is angry with Sonja for things she has been saying about her in the press, as revealed on The Real Housewives of New York. Sonja just wants her old-time friends to be loyal friends, regardless of what she’s going through. And it sounds like Morgan is learning that Ramona isn’t exactly as loyal as Sonja had hoped. And this is exactly why Morgan should dump Singer as a friend and just move on to more loyal people.

The Real Housewives of New York has just started, so the friendship may change over the next few episodes. On last week’s episode, Morgan went to Ramona’s house for her birthday party and the two of them seemed to get along just fine. But maybe Sonja has some things she wants to discuss with Ramona. For a long time, Singer kept saying that Sonja was an alcoholic and yet she was the one who was always drinking a glass of white wine.

At least Morgan has friends in the interns she hires for her home. But she reveals that she’s trying to stop with the hiring, as it is getting to be too much after her bankruptcy case.

“I really enjoyed my experiences with the interns. It as very gratifying. I needed them and they needed me. Once I was after the Chapter 11 reorganization I had the bank accounts back- I can’t. It’s a lot of work. It’s exhausting to be side by side with a student all day. You have to check their work and critique.”

What do you think of Sonja Morgan’s comments about Ramona Singer? Are you surprised that she’s been embarrassed by Ramona’s behavior over the past many years, and do you think this is a reason to end the friendship once and for all?

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