Was Kim Zolciak Deep-Conditioning Her Hair At Home While Son Kash Was Having Surgery? [Opinion]

Kim Zolciak announced last week that her son Kash had been in a horrible freak accident. He had been bitten by a dog, and for a while, the family thought that he had been bitten near an important organ. While the family huddled together and stayed strong while Kash was in the hospital, Zolciak later revealed that things were just fine with her son. Things were not as bad as they had anticipated, but Zolciak revealed that she had been a wreck this entire week.

On social media, she kept thanking her husband for his support and help, as he had been there to support her and hold Kash’s hand through it all. But based on Kim’s Instagram post, it sounds like they may have been at home during Kash’s surgery.

According to a new Instagram post, Kim Zolciak is now revealing that Kash had been in surgery and had called out for his dad when he got out. In the post, Kim reveals that they rushed from their home to the hospital to be with their son. She also added that she was half-naked with deep conditioner in her hair, which left some people questioning why they weren’t at the hospital with their son. Based on Kim Zolciak’s post, both Kim and Kroy were at home.

“I don’t know what I would do without you, Kroy Biermann. Kash just got out of surgery in this pic and he was heading to his room. He woke up looking for his daddy. We left our house in such a hurry Kroy had no shoes on and I literally was half naked w/ deep conditioner in my hair…Those were the least of our worries,” Kim Zolciak explained in her Instagram post, revealing that they both left the home in a rush.

Kim’s post makes it seem like she and Kroy left Kash at the hospital by himself as he went into surgery, and they had just been hanging around at home. Kim had been deep-conditioning her hair when they got a call from the hospital. And in the picture Zolciak posted on Instagram, Kroy had indeed rushed to the hospital without his shoes. But surely, these two left someone they trusted at the hospital at Kash’s side in case something went wrong and they needed an adult there.

Zolciak revealed that Kash had been bitten last weekend, and she shared the news almost a day after it happened. The entire family was at the hospital to support him as the doctors determined that he needed surgery.

“This has been the hardest week of my life and I’ve been a wreck, Kash is on the mend and doing so much better Thank You God! Kash was definitely being protected. I just can’t even begin to tell you how absolutely incredible my husband has been. Every tear, every doubt, every ounce of anger, frustration, confusion and fear this man has calmed my nerves, held my hand, prayed with me, stood tall when I was crumbling and reassured me every step of the way. I always knew he would but when you are faced with something so terrifying and horrific he could of crumbled just like I did, but he didn’t he held us all together,” Kim Zolciak previously explained on Instagram, revealing that she had been very sad to learn about Kash’s dog bite.

What do you think of Kim Zolciak’s post about them being at home when Kash got out of the surgery? Are you surprised that Zolciak and Kroy were not by his side the entire time he was at the hospital and having surgery?

[Featured Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]