‘Attack on Titan’ Season 2 Is Insanely Fast-Paced, And It’s Nothing Short Of Perfect [Opinion]

While the first season of Attack on Titan was critically acclaimed due to its excellent animation, engaging story, and well-rounded characters, numerous fans of the anime were quick to point out that the series’ pacing was off at times. Over the course of the first season, there were periods when the pacing was extremely slow, making the otherwise intense anime even a little boring to watch. AoT Season 2 has been nothing like the first season, however, as each episode has so far proven to be just as intense as the Season 1 finale.

Attack on Titan Season 2 is covering the manga’s Clash of the Titans arc. Fortunately for the anime, this particular saga is also home to some of the most pivotal plot points in the franchise so far, from the revelation of the identities of the Colossal and Armored Titans to the discovery of the Coordinate, a power that could change the tide of the war against the man-eating giants. So far, the anime has done justice to the Clash of the Titans arc, depicting its gritty, intense story perfectly onscreen.


Even the past episode, “Historia,” seemed extremely short for viewers, as the anime seamlessly shifted back and forth between Christa and Ymir’s past and the events happening in Utgard Castle, according to an Inverse report. “Historia” is the slowest-paced Season 2 episode by far, but it is still fast-paced compared to some of the episodes in Season 1’s “Defense of Trost” arc.

Considering that Attack on Titan Season 2 is only slated for a 12-episode run, the time that the anime has to tell its tale is extremely limited. By next week, AoT Season 2 would already reach its midway point, as the Survey Corps battles the Armored and Colossal Titans once more. Needless to say, the extremely fast pacing of the second season has been noticed by avid fans of the anime, with many stating in online forums such as Reddit that Season 2 is not giving viewers any breathing time at all.

Nevertheless, numerous fans of the anime have also reacted positively to the change of pace in Season 2. Attack on Titan, after all, is a fast-paced, high-stakes tale of survival. Thus, in order to properly depict the intensity of the manga onscreen, there is simply no other way to go than to follow an insane pace. Overall, Attack on Titan Season 2 completely feels like the manga, and for anime fans, such things are a rare delicacy.


Attack on Titan is one of the anime world’s premiere franchises for a reason. It is one of those rare franchises that has been able to attract both anime veterans and newcomers alike. The manga, which appears to be nearing its final arc, currently stands as one of the most popular titles in Japan today. A primary reason behind its immense success is the fact that Attack on Titan, among other manga/anime franchises, is able to depict very real emotions through its storytelling. Over the course of its run, even longtime anime fans have remarked that the AoT series is probably the only series out there that could accurately depict terror in its rawest form. For an animated series, this is a huge accomplishment.

The next few episodes of Attack on Titan Season 2 would be just as, if not even more intense than the last five episodes of the anime. This coming Saturday, the series would reveal the identities of the Armored and Colossal Titans, which would result in one of the bloodiest and grittiest battles in the franchise so far.

Immediately after that, Attack on Titan Season 2 would cover the Coordinate and its power to change the tide of the war. The battles in that particular segment in the manga are also among the most intense, featuring the return of the titan that started it all for main characters Eren and Mikasa. With only seven episodes to go before the series ends, the pace of the next episodes would definitely be even more insane, and it would be nothing short of perfect.

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