Top 5 Shameless ‘Shameless’ Moments [Opinion]

If you are all caught up on the last seven seasons of Showtime’s U.S. adaption of Shameless, chances are pretty good there are few things the Gallaghers could do that would truly surprise you. It, however, goes without saying that some of the actions taken by some of the members of the Gallagher family have been far more shocking and shameless than others over the last seven seasons.

For those who aren’t up to date when it comes to all things Shameless, the series focuses on the eldest sibling Fiona Gallagher (played by Emmy Rossum) who is forced to raise her younger siblings after their mother Monica goes AWOL and their father Frank Gallagher (William H. Macy) spirals out of control thanks to his addictions to drugs and alcohol. Unfortunately for the Gallagher family, shame and normalcy are two things they lack.

The cast of Shameless attending a special party
The cast of 'Shameless' [Image by Eric Charbonneau/Invision for Showtime/AP Images]

There are times where Shameless fans will agree that Frank is easily the worse member of the family – with the exception of Sammi, of course. These fans, however, may have forgotten – or overlooked – some of the more shameless moments his offspring has had that remind everyone the apples haven’t fallen so far from the tree.

First, you have Fiona who seems to have a hard time dealing with responsibility and commitment. Then, you have Lip who struggles with the concept of being successful. Next, is Ian who struggles with bipolar disorder as well as his sexual identity. Debbie grows into a hormonal teenager that refuses to listen to what anyone has to say. Carl turns into a criminal; and poor impressionable Liam doesn’t have the brightest of futures.

Curious as to what Gallagher moments made this list as some of the most shameless? Keep reading to find out.

  1. Fiona cheats on her boyfriend and kills her career.

Den of the Geek reminds us that Season 4 was not the best season for Fiona Gallagher. In fact, most Shameless fans would agree this was when we saw Fiona at her worst. Fiona had an incredible job and an even more incredible boyfriend and she threw it all away by cheating on her boyfriend with his bad boy brother. Season 4 is also the season fans grew to hate Fiona as it was the season that Liam got into cocaine and almost died. Fiona did go to jail and eventually turned her life around, but this was definitely the most shameless moment for the eldest Gallagher.

  1. Ian uses Lip’s name to illegally enlist.

Season 3, Episode 12 may have been one of the more shameless moments for Ian Gallagher as it was when he used the name of his brother Lip in order to illegally enlist in the army. In Season 4, this was a decision that later came back to haunt Ian after he attempted to steal a helicopter, which revealed he wasn’t really Lip and forced him to go on the run.

  1. Debbie gets pregnant on purpose.

For most people, Season 6, Episode 12 is where you really start to lose any respect you have left for Debbie Gallagher. She made the decision to stop taking her birth control in order to get pregnant with the hopes of marrying and being with her current boyfriend for the rest of her life. Unfortunately, Debs never bothered talking to the father about her plans and things didn’t turn out the way she wanted them to. She also didn’t get much support from her family as everyone – minus her father and bipolar mother – told her keeping the child was a bad idea.

  1. Debbie steals strollers… And the occasional baby.

After becoming a teenage mother, Debbie has to find a way to support her child. Debbie resorts to stealing fancy looking strollers from the park and selling them online to raise money to help care for her child. It’s probably worth noting that she was stealing to raise money to pay someone else to do the bulk of the parenting so she could still get her beauty sleep.

  1. Carl sells fire arms at school.

During Season 6, Shameless fans get to see a new and different side of Carl. Carl Gallagher takes all of the skills he learned at the juvenile detention center, and starts applying them to real life. This included selling fire arms at school. What may have been the most shameless part of this moment was the fact that he was selling them to both school faculty members and students!


What do you think the most shameless Shameless moments were? Share your thoughts in the comment’s section found down below!

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