Donald Trump 100-Day Rally In Pennsylvania: The Blanks And The Lows [Opinion]

U.S. President Donald Trump has made history for not attending the White House Correspondence Dinner to commemorate his first 100 days in Washington. Instead, Trump decided to go to his winning state, Pennsylvania, to relive the campaign and boast about the “progress” of his administration.

Vice President Mike Pence warmed up the audience as he introduced Trump to the stage. Trump then walked in as Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA” played in the background. Trump walked in as if he was in an awards ceremony, savoring the people around him as he waved towards the crowd.

Trump was not in a rush. It took less than five minutes before he spoke a word since his wild entrance, with the forced nostalgia song. But, he eventually broke the ice with a greeting.

“It’s truly great to be back in the wonderful, beautiful state of Pennsylvania.”

Though nobody really likes to be patronized, it seems that his supporters are still behind him even after his performance during his first 100 days.

Trump took a couple more minutes to praise Pennsylvania as if it was the only state that mattered in America.

“It’s special and it carried us to a big victory on November 8,” Trump exclaimed.

As Trump mentioned his campaign win, he continued on by asking if the crowd still remembered who lost in that election. Trump, until now, is still in election fever—probably because this might be the best accomplishment he would have in his presidency.

Though the event was to celebrate his achievements for the first 100 days, Trump had a different agenda. He did not direct his speech to steer towards the “positive” moves of his administration. In lieu, he called out the “actors” who are in attendance at the Correspondence Dinner.

“As you know, there’s another big gathering taking place tonight in Washington, D.C.—a large group of Hollywood actors and Washington media are consoling each other in a hotel ballroom in our nation’s capital right now.”

Trump, however, failed to remember that he just recently invited Sarah Palin, Kid Rock, and Ted Nugent into the White House for four hours, according to New York Times. The White House Press Secretary said it was a “long-planned” meeting to show Trump’s token of appreciation to Ms. Palin. However, Nugent said it was more than that.

“It was like a family reunion. None of us expected this. He showed us the bed in the Lincoln Bedroom and explained how that was where the president’s son died. He knew the designer of the chairs. He showed us the bulletproof glass,” Nugent recalled.

Even though the Correspondence Dinner is filled with award-winning journalists and actors, Trump felt Nugent, Rock, and Palin were more deserving of his attention as he dissed the dinner again by saying “The President” is not attending. Trump added that he felt he made the right decision to join the Pennsylvania crowd instead of the “fakes” in the White House.

“I could not possibly be more thrilled than to be more than 100 miles away from Washington swamp, spending my evening with all of you, with a much, much larger crowd, and much better people.”

Trump also said that he felt “trapped” in the White House. And since he will not be in the Correspondence Dinner for this year, Trump noted that the event will be “very, very boring.” He plans to do something next year to “make it more exciting again,” but he also said that there’s a “good chance” he will go back to Pennsylvania. This begs the question, “Why is the president of America avoiding the White House Correspondence Dinner, a celebration held at HIS house?”

“The truth is, there is no place I’d rather be than right here in Pennsylvania to celebrate our 100-day milestone to reflect on our incredible journey together.”

Trump continued berating media organizations, saying they are “out of touch.” He said it is important to talk about the first 100 days of the media before he dives into his own “historic” accomplishments.

The Fact Checking Begins: The Media and China

Here starts the fact checking. Donald Trump noted that the media has not been fair. He said that, according to Media Research Center, 89 percent of the coverage of his administration has been negative. As the boos surrounded the stadium, Trump, or his researchers, failed to include the fact that the core of these negative commentaries revolves on topics like the travel ban, Russia, Obamacare replacement, immigration enforcement and Obama’s wiretapping claims.

President Trump Marks 100 Days In Office With Rally In Pennsylvania [Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images]
President Trump Marks 100 Days In Office With Rally In Pennsylvania [Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images]

There was a minute of pause as a protester started shouting. Trump then ordered the police in the area to “get him out!”

Going back, Trump cited the Center of Public Integrity as he noted that 96 percent of the media allegedly bankrolled Clinton’s campaign.

Though the number, 96 percent, is accurate, the Center for Public Integrity noted that out of the money the 96 percent pertains to all of the donations for the elections which came from individual reporters and journalists, whereas Trump said that 96 percent of the media donated money to the Clinton campaign. Trump was simply implying that the media was “bought off” and this was the main reason he was getting mostly negative coverage.

“In all, people identified in federal campaign finance filings as journalists, reporters, news editors or television news anchors — as well as other donors known to be working in journalism — have combined to give more than $396,000 to the presidential campaigns of Clinton and Trump, according to a Center for Public Integrity analysis.

“Nearly all of that money — more than 96 percent — has benefited Clinton: About 430 people who work in journalism have, through August, combined to give about $382,000 to the Democratic nominee, the Center for Public Integrity’s analysis indicates.”

Donald Trump also took a direct hit at the New York Times. He said that since he is a “pro” at the real estate business, he just got word that the New York Times is selling their historic building for $500 million, while purchasing the Boston Globe and reselling the publication for “nothing.” Trump said since the New York Times is falling, comparing the longstanding publication to a “comic book.” They should not be telling him to do his job when they are, according to Trump, a failing business.

As for Trump, he concludes that he is going to give the media a “big, fat failing grade” for their first 100-day coverage of his administration.

Rally Against Trump NYC [Photo by Eduardo Munoz Alvarez/Getty Images]
Rally Against Trump NYC [Photo by Eduardo Munoz Alvarez/Getty Images]

Donald Trump went on to discussing the United State’s role with China. Trump said that he has been true to his word about China. He still believes that China is a “currency manipulator.” He also said that the media has failed in its coverage with his meeting with the Chinese president.

Trump confides in his unwavering supports with no censor.

The U.S. president candidly said that even though he believes China manipulates their currency, he was able to speak with their president (at Mar-a-Largo), who was “a very, very good man.” Then, he slipped disastrously.

“China is helping us, possibly or probably, with the North Korean situation.”

Trump said that the media reported that the two did not speak on the phone, when, in Donald Trump’s “facts,” the two spoke closely about the North Korean issue. And he said that since they are counting on China for help, it might not be the best time to call out the Chinese president for currency manipulation.

“It’s not exactly the right time to call China a currency manipulator right now.”

The Jobs and More Ironies

Aside from the Palin-Correspondence irony mentioned above, Donald Trump continued to unveil his “accomplishments” over the past 100 days of his presidency. His bragathon started out with how he was bringing back the “beautiful, wonderful, great American jobs” even though Ivanka Trump’s brand was just reported to be outsourcing to China in a factory with “poor conditions” and with $1 per hour compensation to its workers.

Additionally, Trump went on to brag about his new Supreme Court nominee and his “historic” 29 executive orders. Trump said no president in the United States has ever signed 29 executive orders in their first 100 days. It might be because executive orders are delicate and these need careful consideration before implementation. But, that did not matter for Trump. For him, quality might be better than quality.

Aside from the major enforcement on immigration, these bold, something-to-be-proud-of-according-to-Trump executive orders include the “Comprehensive Plan for Reorganizing The Executive Branch” and the “Identifying and Reducing Tax Regulatory Burdens.” On top of that, Trump will sign a bill that protected the users’ rights to their data, which was implemented during the Obama organization. If you want to have an overview of what will happen if this is repealed, review the video below.

Trump also boasted about the coal and mining industry, which he claimed he has saved. He said that he is also in between different negotiations so he is now saving billions of dollars for the American people. Little did his supporters know, Trump’s spending, security, and travel costs will surpass the spending of Obama in the past eight years. This, he achieved, in less than 100 days of his presidency, according to CNN.

He also noted that he removed the U.S.’s participation in the Trans-Pacific Partnership because this does not benefit the American workers. Trump also noted that the entire American GDP will shrink by $2.3 trillion if they continued to participate in deals like the TPP and NAFTA.

Just like the 96 percent statistic above, Trump’s numbers were correct, but the way the number was presented was nothing near the truth.

According to Zero Hedge, a finance blog run by an anonymous writer with pen name Tyler Durden, after the infamous Fight Club protagonist, the world’s global economy will shrink to $2.3 trillion in 2015, according to their forecast. This forecast is influenced by the strength and weakness of currencies like the U.S. dollar. However, this is a forecast on all markets and not only the United States alone.

Thousands Attend Women's March On Washington [Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images]
Thousands Attend Women's March On Washington [Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images]


Trump can and will never get over his election win. He is still reliving the one moment where he won. He said that he is still beginning and that he will continue the “battle” to “make America great again.”

Trump is also doing his best to berate the Obama administration and instead on continuing the Obama-era progress when it comes to equality, gender gap, world economics, and more, Trump’s ego is blocking this supposed progress to eliminate Obama’s stamp in the White House.

Though he admitted he never expected the job of the president of the U.S. to be this difficult, he has still not comprehended the weight of this role. Trump will continue on his impulsive streak of decisions while tweeting, and he may never attend one Correspondence Dinner in his entire presidency.

Lastly, as Trump continues to fill his administration with people like him, his reign might get cut short because his administration has had the most legal battles in just the first 100 days than any U.S. president in the history. This, in the worst case scenario, could lead to his eventual impeachment.

Still, as for Trump and his supporters, they move forward to “make America great again.”

“I promise you, in my inaugural address 100 days ago, that now arrives the hour of action. And we’ve believed we’ve started from Day 1. And that is what we’ve delivered—100 days of action [sic].”

[Feature Image by Alex Wong/Getty Images]