Bill Maher Urges Liberals To Stop Trying To Convert Trump Supporters, Says ‘It’s Not About Facts’ [Opinion]

Real Time host Bill Maher said that liberals are wasting their time (and breath) trying to win over President Trump’s supporters with facts. According to Yahoo News, Trump’s supporters will back the president no matter what and have no regrets about voting the former reality TV star into office.

Maher said that facts don’t matter to Trump’s core voters and they “aren’t changing their minds. It is because the problem isn’t in the mind, it’s lower, it is emotional.”

Bill revealed that most liberals don’t understand how any Trump supporters would vote for him if they knew his stance on the main important issues. Maher went on to say that the Trump voters know all of his “dirty secrets” and don’t care. Even worse, Bill says they will vote for him again in 2020.

The liberals are having trouble with the tidbit that the president’s followers know all about his lies and secrets, and still support them. It’s something that they cannot comprehend, which Maher points out is part of the problem.

“He could have Anne Frank’s skeleton in his closet. They’d all vote for him again,” Bill said.

Maher urged his fellow Democrats to stop believing that all they have to do is convince the Trump voters they made a horrible mistake. He added they aren’t going to regret their vote. They won’t switch sides.

The core of the problem is that his supporters are not in the dark about who Trump is and what he stands for. They know and don’t care. What’s worse is, if he runs in 2020, even if he doesn’t accomplish anything, he will probably get their vote, again.

Bill urged Democrats to stop posting on social media about Trump’s weekend golf trips and the cost of protecting his family. His supporters will back him if for no other reason than to irritate the liberals, who conservatives have nicknamed snowflakes.

Maher explained that the reason Trump’s followers are so dedicated is the world has changed, and they don’t like it. Instead of trying to figure out a way to bring America together, they hide behind Trump.

Trump is loud, obnoxious, and says whatever pops into his head. His followers truly believe that he is a genius and should be praised and worshiped. Whenever one of his ideas don’t work out, they claim that he has a bigger plan that he hasn’t revealed yet.

Resist Donald Trump
Liberals, stop trying to convince the conservatives to turn on Donald Trump. it's not going to happen![Image by Scott Olson/Getty Images]

Maher was right about several things. First, liberals have to stop trying to convert Trump’s supporters. They are not interested in turning their backs on the president. When Democrats state why Trump cannot be trusted, all it does is reinforce their attachment to the president. As a bonus, the liberals experience high blood pressure as a result of getting into a political debate.

Just don’t do it anymore.

Walk away.

Instead of getting into social media arguments about Trump’s many illegal dealings, let’s focus on 2018. Let’s concentrate on taking back the Senate and House of Representatives. Let’s look to 2020 and make a detailed plan to defeat Donald Trump.

Let’s look to the future.

Bill Maher is completely right when he said that Trump’s voters are not interested in flipping sides. They are happy where they are and know that their political position is a source of irritation for many liberals.

resist Presdient Trump
Bill Maher said that Trump's supporters know his dirty secrets and don't care. [Image by Spencer Platt/Getty Images]

Maher ended his “New Rules” segment by saying that what fuels the POTUS’ voters is that the world has changed, and they believe that Trump will “change it back” to the way it was in the good old days.

Liberals, do you think Bill Maher has a point about the Trump supporters? Do you think they will ever turn their back on him?

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