Michelle Obama Held Back Tears So Rumors Didn’t Claim She Was Crying Over Trump [Opinion]

Michelle Obama’s latest speaking engagement offered a treasure trove of trivial tidbits along with a very serious reason why she won’t be running for the office of the president. It looks like Michelle Obama is getting her public speaking feet wet for her post-White House speech engagements. Both her and her husband will be doing the rounds of speaking events now that they’re out of political office, according to the Washington Post.

On Thursday, Michelle spoke in Orlando at the annual conference for the American Institute of Architects. She offered up all kinds of little quips about life in the White House and how living in a post-White House world entails a lot of getting used to, right down to a doorbell and an open window.

One of the first topics Michelle Obama wiped off the plate was her interest in running for the president. There was no wishy-washy answer coming from Michelle on this topic. It is just not going to happen.

The former first lady explained that it is not just the president who is pinned down by the top seat in the nation, it is the entire family, and she wasn’t going to do that to her girls again. According to a report from CBS News, Michelle will “probably never run for office,” for the sake of her family.

Barack Obama tried to clear up the thoughts of Michelle running for president way back in October when he appeared on the Sway Calloway radio show.

According to CBS News, Barack said, “She will never run for office. She is as talented and brilliant a person as there is and I could not be prouder of her, but Michelle does not have the patience or the inclination to actually be a candidate herself. That’s one thing y’all can take to the bank.”

Still, promises were made to be broken in politics, and the public persists in asking this question. So far, both Michelle and Barack have said an adamant “no,” leaving no room for a “maybe” or even a “possibly in the future” for the public to nibble on. It is a straight out “no.”

Michelle Obama also explained how the road is wide open for her right now without being weighed down with political baggage, so this will allow her to do so many other things. Another little trivial piece of history that Michelle shared with the audience about her time in the White House was a bit surprising.

The eight years that Michelle Obama lived with her family in the White House has now become the longest time that she’s lived at one address in her personal life. While military families often have that same bit of history when it comes to having many addresses, it is hard to believe that Michelle has moved that much in her lifetime that eight years was the longest duration in any home for the former first lady.

Life after the White House entails some adjustments; some are little while others are big. The little things are the dog, who has never heard a doorbell in its life, is now getting used to their doorbell at their new home. The Obama daughters, who wanted to sleep with a window open in their White House bedrooms, have slept with windows closed for eight years. Apparently, it is a rule to keep the windows closed, most likely for safety purposes.

Michelle shared how her daughters found the sound of the protesters outside of the White House soothing, and this is something that lulled them to sleep. This was their major reason for wanting the windows open at night: to hear that sound. While Barron Trump’s projected sleepovers at the White House made news a few weeks back, Michelle shared that Shasha and Malia had one of their own in the days leading up to their departure from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. This consisted of eight friends spending the night, according to USA Today.

As far as Michelle Obama’s stoic stand, she felt it was her duty to not shed a tear at Trump’s White House inauguration. She also held it together as the former first family had to say goodbye to the White House and the staff. While Shasha and Malia cried on their way out of the White House, Michelle kept her composure. She knew that if she was witnessed with tears in her eyes, “people would swear I was crying because of our new president,” she said. That was not something she wanted to convey, so she held those tears in. She was choked up, especially when saying goodbye to the White House staff, but she wasn’t going to let a tear drop that would be spun into tears due to the new president.

This next thing Michelle offered up might have been a good way to find common ground with her audience, but let’s hope it doesn’t become a habit. After all Barack Obama can’t have too many secret wishes in life. Michelle also shared with the crowd at the American Institute of Architects conference about how Barack Obama was once an aspiring architect, which is something he “downplays” today, she said.

She gave an example of Barack being the type to say that he doesn’t care what the living room looks like — but then coming back with a thousand different details that he’d like to see incorporated into that room. Will this become an ice breaker at all her speeches? Will Michelle convey her husband’s aspirations of being other things as a way to find a common ground with her future audience and their careers?

If she speaks to pilots, will Barack have some secret aspiration about flying the friendly skies? Will the former president have past aspirations of becoming a brain surgeon if Michelle speaks to a group of doctors with that specialty under their belt? Whether Barack had plans of an architectural type or not in the past, this was one sure-fire way to break the ice with a crowd full of architects.

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