Phaedra Parks Comes Prepared With Evidence: Kandi Burruss Should Be Worried? [Opinion]

Phaedra Parks may be a successful lawyer in Atlanta, but this Real Housewives of Atlanta star doesn’t take her education and her status for granted. When her co-stars try to say or do something to discount her credibility, she is ready to fight back and set the record straight. And this season, Kandi Burruss was upset with Parks for how their friendship had gone downhill. For one, the two were not really close anymore after Phaedra learned that Kandi had stored Apollo Nida’s assets after he went to jail. And second, things escalated out of control when Kandi was accused of possibly drugging her friend for the sake of having sex with Porsha Williams.

According to a new Bravo report, Phaedra Parks is now revealing that she’s ready to defend her name and her family when people spread rumors about her. It’s no secret that Parks isn’t exactly clean herself. She’s been spreading rumors about Kandi Burruss this season, hinting that she and her husband, Todd Tucker, have been having sex with other females. But when people start attacking her over her divorce, Phaedra Parks is ready to defend herself. So when she filmed the reunion special, she had documents with her to prove what she was saying was true.


Of course, her Real Housewives of Atlanta co-stars may not have been that surprised when Phaedra pulled out documents to prove what she was saying was true, as she isn’t the first one to bring “evidence” to a reunion special. And when she was asked about this act by Bravo, she had an interesting answer.

“Because everyone in this clique is so concerned with ‘receipts’ and thinks they are so versed in divorce law. As a licensed attorney I wanted to make sure I came prepared with documents to back up the facts. I wanted to set the record straight and make sure everyone was aware that documentation was available to confirm my statements.”

It is interesting that Phaedra Parks says she wants to be prepared as she is indeed a licensed attorney. And this claim poses some questions in regard to what she’s been saying about Kandi Burruss this season. If she prides herself on being a lawyer and documenting what she says, should Kandi be worried?


Phaedra Parks has said many things about Kandi, including that she brings other women into her bed with her husband, and that she isn’t telling the truth at times. A rumor also surfaced that Kandi wants to drug women so she can have sex with them. But is this really true? And can Phaedra Parks really document it?

Another thing that Kandi should be worried about is the lawsuit against her. While Phaedra Parks didn’t take on the suit herself, she did refer Kandi’s previous employee to another lawyer who could help him out. And since Phaedra prides herself on providing receipts and documents, one can imagine that she may have something on Burruss. But Kandi isn’t the only person who she talks about. Parks also offered up her opinion about Sheree Whitfield’s former relationship with Bob Whitfield.

“It was hard to hear Sheree speak about the abusive nature of her relationship with Bob. I have known them both for almost 20 years, and it was heartbreaking to hear and see Sheree in pain. You never want to see anyone hurting like that, and it was tough to re-watch and re-live those moments in Maui,” Phaedra Parks explained to Bravo about her co-star.

What do you think of Phaedra Parks’ comments about Kandi? Do you think she has something on Kandi, and do you think Burruss should be worried?

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