Jenelle Evans Seems To Forget One Major Thing In Her Custody Battle With Barbara [Opinion]

Jenelle Evans has been slamming her mother on Teen Mom 2 and on Twitter for the custody battle that has plagued their relationship for years. When Jace was born, Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle was unable to care for him, and she signed over the legal rights to her mother, Barbara, because she had health insurance and could provide for him in a way that Evans couldn’t. The deal was that when Jenelle got a job and got her life back together, her mother would sign over the rights to Jace once again. But Barbara hasn’t kept her promise as shown on Teen Mom 2.

Jenelle Evans is often saying things on Teen Mom 2 about her mother, including how horrible Barbara is in keeping Jace from her and how she’s breaking a major promise. Many people are starting to understand why Jenelle is frustrated with her mother, as she seems to be keeping Jace to herself because she wants to continue filming Teen Mom 2. Without Jace, there may not be a need for her, and there goes her huge paycheck from MTV and Teen Mom 2.

According to a new tweet, Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans is now revealing that haters are her motivators, and while she could be referring to her mother, she could also be referring to her followers, who are not always supportive of her decisions. And it was the result of this tweet that one person brought up an interesting fact: Jenelle seems to forget one major thing.

“If you make me mad, it just motivates me more,” Jenelle Evans wrote on Twitter, to which one person brought up Barbara, writing, “Your mom must be your biggest motivator!!”

And one person did bring up something very interesting.

“Without her mum tho, she could have lost Jace, people seem to forget that.”

And that is a very true statement. If Evans’ mother hadn’t taken Jace into her care on Teen Mom 2, he would have been given up for adoption or put into foster care. And then Jenelle wouldn’t have had a relationship with her son. In other words, Jenelle Evans should be thankful for her mother, as she is the reason why Jenelle is able to have a relationship with her son. Maybe Barbara is feeling neglected as she hasn’t received thanks from her daughter for caring for Jace all of these years.

On Teen Mom 2, Evans is often complaining about her mother and about how she’s not signing back the rights. They had an agreement, but Barbara may feel that she’s not being appreciated for her efforts. And this could be why she’s fighting to keep Jace. Maybe she really sees the boy as her own, as Jenelle needed many years to get her life back on track.

But, on the other hand, Barbara did break their bond on Teen Mom 2. They did have an agreement and Jenelle was supposed to get custody back after a few months. It wasn’t supposed to take seven years, and Jenelle wasn’t supposed to be filing documents in court to get her son back. She was supposed to get her son back when she got a job and found a stable place to live. Now, she’s had two additional children and just built her own home on a large property. And yet, Barbara doesn’t seem eager to work with her daughter at all. Sadly, this could ruin their relationship completely and they may not speak after this court case is settled.

What do you think of Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans forgetting that she could have lost Jace to the foster care system or to another family? Do you think she needs to be a bit more appreciative of her mother’s efforts with Jace?

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