NFL Rumors: Chicago Bears Trading Back In First Round For Quarterback? [Opinion]

Deshaun Watson, DeShone Kizer, or Pat Mahomes? NFL rumors are suggesting either of them could be taken in the NFL draft by the Chicago Bears. Where the Bears will select them is the question.

Although it could be a smokescreen, it is becoming increasingly apparent that the Chicago Bears are thinking about drafting a defensive star with their No. 3 pick. Names such as Malik Hooker, Jonathan Allen, and Jamal Adams have been mentioned as the Chicago Bears’ targets. Each of them would boost the Bears’ defense. There is also a small chance that Myles Garrett could be available when the Bears are on the board.

For that scenario to happen, it would require the Cleveland Browns to take a quarterback with the first overall pick. Also, the San Francisco 49ers would have to pass on Garrett as well. is reporting that the Cleveland Browns have made up their minds on who they will take with the top pick of the draft. Is that pick going to be Myles Garrett or North Carolina quarterback Mitchell Trubisky?

Early reports had the Browns torn (courtesy of Sporting News) over which player to take with the top pick. In a perfect world, the Browns would have both of them in the fold by the end of the night. It may honestly come down to who the Browns cannot see themselves without.


Myles Garrett is a better player than Mitchell Trubisky right now. Fast forward to three years from now and that may not be the case. This has to factor into the Browns’ decision, along with the fact that Trubisky is a Cleveland-area product. Drafting him would surely help the Browns sell tickets. Another thing to ponder is that it is easier for an NFL team to build a defense than to find a franchise quarterback. If the Browns cannot find a team interested in trading their top-six pick so they can take Trubisky, he might be the top overall pick.

The 49ers have several needs and could go in a few different directions. San Francisco could take Garrett if he falls, or they could shock everyone by going for Leonard Fournette. Keep an eye on Malik Hooker at the No. 2 pick. It would be the highest a safety has ever been drafted, but 49ers’ general manager John Lynch, a Hall of Fame safety himself, could see some superstar traits in Hooker.

As the Chicago Bears await for the Browns and 49ers to make their picks, they will be looking at their board, while fielding phone calls regarding trades. According to the Chicago Tribune, the Browns is one of those teams calling the Bears about the No. 3 pick.

Quarterback is a position that the Chicago Bears must address during this draft. Some will argue that with a shallow quarterback class, and obvious needs on the defensive end, that the Bears should go with defense. The most glaring hole the Bears have is at safety. Several people have argued that the Bears should take Malik Hooker or Jamal Adams, the best safeties in this year’s draft class.

The Bears should adopt the opposite philosophy.

The safety class is much deeper than the quarterback position this year. With at least seven teams looking at a quarterback, the Chicago Bears can ill-afford to let them all go off the board. Especially with the fact that there are safeties which can be taken in the second round who have starting grades. With all of that said, taking a quarterback with the No. 3 pick is a risky proposition for the Bears.


If the Bears are able to pull off a trade with the Browns, they would get the No. 12 overall NFL draft pick, which can be used on Deshaun Watson or Pat Mahomes. It would be a trade that would have to include the Browns’ second round picks, those the Bears could use on a safety, cornerback, or a tackle. Each of them are needs. None greater than a franchise quarterback, just not with the third overall pick.

A deal between the Chicago Bears and Cleveland Browns is something that already could finalize in principle, but not officially. It would work for both teams as they get what they want. The Browns get Myles Garrett and Mitchell Trubisky, while the Bears would nab one of the quarterbacks they desire.

The Chicago Bears and Cleveland Browns consummating a trade is something worth keeping an eye on in the next few hours. If Myles Garrett is announced as the top pick of the NFL draft, it would be easy to believe that this deal is in place.

Can the Browns afford to have the New York Jets leapfrog them by making a trade with the Bears for the No. 3 pick? The Jets want a quarterback also. They have scouted Mitchell Trubisky, and with the sixth overall pick, could entice the Bears a bit. Simply put, the drama is building up.

Do not be surprised to see the Chicago Bears trade down to get their man.

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