Kailyn Lowry Done With School: Here’s Why She Should Be Very Thankful For Javi Marroquin [Opinion]

Kailyn Lowry is one of the only Teen Mom 2 stars who decided to go back to school even though she was pregnant with her second child, Lincoln. And while she was working with MTV to film Teen Mom 2, Lowry still took her time to finish her degree. Kailyn knows that the show won’t be around forever, and she decided to go back to school to get her degree so she could get a job once the show wraps. And this week, Lowry has something to celebrate, as she’s putting the books away and getting her degree.

According to a new tweet, Kailyn Lowry is now celebrating the fact that she’s done school. And one can imagine that she’s going to be looking for a job even though she’s probably making lots of money from Teen Mom 2. The teen mothers are rumored to be making between $250,000 and $500,000 per season, and since they are currently filming a season per year, it’s a healthy salary for these young mothers. But now that Lowry is done school, she should reach out to her ex-husband and say thanks. It is thanks to his work in the Air Force that she could balance her life at home with her children and her schooling.


“YOU GUYS. IM DONE,” Lowry revealed yesterday, sharing that she’s done her education, to which several Teen Mom 2 fans reached out to her, asking her to remember her ex-husband during this time.

“Please be sure to thank Javi for his pay & benefits that allowed this to happen! And Jo & Vee pitched in big. #FamilySupport,” one person wrote to Kailyn, to which one person replied, “You’re kidding right?!? Lmao.”

“No, I’m actually serious. This wouldn’t have happened were it not for all of the above. I thanked my parents & others for their support too,” the first follower wrote back to Kailyn Lowry’s follower, revealing that being thankful and showing gratitude is a great thing.

But it doesn’t sound like she’s planning to reach out to Javi Marroquin. Since the divorce, they have been working on sharing custody of little Lincoln, but Kailyn Lowry has clearly moved on. She’s pregnant with her third child and she has hinted that she’s doing everything on her own. While Javi may not have contributed financially to her finishing her education, Lowry should reach out to say thanks for the support. When they started filming together, Kailyn kept pushing for them to get married so she could secure health insurance for herself and her children. And it is small things like this that helped her out.


“I may or may not cry when I walk across the stage,” Kailyn Lowry wrote in a separate tweet, to which others offered their support, writing things like, “I’m so happy for you! You did it! Who cares how long it took! You accomplished a major goal,” and “Congratulations! So proud. Shut them all up with your actions…louder than any words. You did succeeded with a degree not them!”

Of course, the degree will be in Kailyn’s name, and she is the one who will be using it to get a job. But it is questionable just how she would have completed the degree without the support of her ex-husband. And since she’s going to be using the degree to earn money and build a career, a small thank-you to her ex-husband probably won’t be the worst thing. But it probably won’t happen.

What do you think of Kailyn Lowry finishing school? Do you think she should thank Javi Marroquin for his love and support during the time she went to school, as his sacrifices helped her get an education?

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