Kenya Moore Boyfriend: Is’ RHOA’ Star Making Matt Jordan’s Abuse Bigger Than It Is? [Opinion]

Kenya Moore thought she had found love with Matt Jordan last year, as she allowed him to film The Real Housewives of Atlanta with her. Kenya kept gushing about how awesome he was to her co-stars, and the men on the show even loved his personality. And while she questioned whether he was the man for her in regard to starting a family, Kenya enjoyed being in the relationship. But while the show was on hiatus, Moore started calling Matt out on social media, claiming that he wasn’t the man she knew. And she hinted that he had been violent.

According to a new Instagram post, Kenya Moore continues to say that Matt Jordan is a violent man, even though he has never physically hit her. He has been frustrated with her, he has trespassed on her property, and he has broken doors and windows. He has also been verbally abusive, but he has never physically hurt Kenya Moore. So, has he been abusive the way Kenya is portraying? Absolutely.

On Instagram, Moore is now revealing that it’s not easy for her to move backward and relive the abusive personality of her ex-boyfriend. And rather than dwell on everything she’s been through, Moore is turning her experiences into a message to women who are in abusive relationships, including verbal abusive relationships.

“Not easy to go backwards… I have some cautionary words of advice for all the women, children, daughters and mothers of the world. LEAVE if you ever see signs of aggression, abuse or behavioral instability. No relationship is worth your life. #NoExcuseForAbuse #NoWomanProvokesAMan #WeMustDoBetter #ItsNotOurFault #Survivor,” Kenya Moore wrote on Instagram as Sunday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion aired.

So, is Kenya Moore making a bigger deal out of the abusive than she has to? While some people believe that she’s making Matt look bad for the sake of the show and a storyline, she’s actually doing a great thing. She’s showing women how they can move on from a relationship they actually enjoy, even though there’s an abusive partner. Kenya has repeatedly tried to forgive and forget for the sake of the good times, but she’s ultimately decided to move on.

While it is tough to find the positive sides of abuse, Kenya’s storyline has brought something else into the spotlight. After Moore shared her stories of abuse, Sheree Whitfield decided to share her stories of abuse and Bob Whitfield became an evil man on the show. He even shared the story about how he thought about killing Sheree, slamming the breaks and killing her in a car accident. Whitfield opened up about her feelings after hearing these words from his mouth.

“I was just shocked. Speechless. So many times as women, we just try to bury negative thoughts and traumatic situations, so when we were in the car and he said those things, it just brought so much from our past up that I have tried to suppress for well over a decade,” Sheree wrote on her Bravo blog for The Real Housewives of Atlanta about her abusive marriage, adding, “In recent years we have been able to rebuild a friendship and through that we have rebuilt our family unit as co-parents. In order for our kids to continue to be happy and healthy, that is the space that I think our relationship should stay in. I am thankful that for my children’s sake we were able to get to that point.”

What do you think of Kenya Moore’s comments about Matt? Do you think she did the right thing in speaking out about his abusive ways, or do you think she’s making a bigger deal of it than it has to be?

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