Donald Trump Impeachment: Sorry Haters, Trump Will Govern For 8 Years [Opinion]

If, like a typical cable news anchor, you’re looking forward to a Donald Trump impeachment, you’re probably going to be disappointed.

With impeachment in mind, CNN’s obsession with the alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 election is similar to the President Trump-hostile cable network’s morbid preoccupation with the missing Malaysian airliner several years ago.

In breaking news for CNN and other mainstream media outlets, aka the opposition party, plus the social justice cohort, all of whom pounce on every random and/or over-exaggerated factoid supporting their fantasy or wish-fulfillment scenario about a Donald Trump impeachment, it is is very unlikely to happen. In fact, this single-minded focus may be helping his reelection by alienating independent voters.

So many of these hysterical “bombshell reports” that supposedly signal a Trump impeachment or a Trump indictment and whatnot turn out to be poorly sourced innuendo at best.

Moreover, incumbents tend to get reelected, Plus, as U.S. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard reminded constituents, with a Donald Trump impeachment (assuming the GOP-controlled Congress would go along with it), you just get Mike Pence, a lifelong conservative Republican, as president, pursuant to the constitutional order of succession. Trump was a former Democrat and independent before seeking the presidency on the GOP ticket.

Donald Trump impeachment makes Mike Pence president
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Note: If Trump departs from his America First agenda and gets further into the Syria quagmire, that could change the calculation.

Nonetheless, as Dilbert creator Scott Adams pointed out on his blog, “Generally speaking, the criticisms of President Trump’s first 100 days (and in general) are based on imaginary stuff: Imagined problems on his tax returns. Imagined blackmail by Russia….”

As the Trump administration reaches the 100-day mark, consider the headwinds that it faces beyond the globalist media: monolithic opposition from Democrats in Congress, partial opposition from Capitol Hill Republicans, damaging information leaks from the Deep State federal bureaucracy, and interference the federal courts more interested in hating on Trump than protecting America from its enemies foreign and domestic, and all kinds of orchestrated negativity from the go-along-to-get-along entertainment community.

While anti-Trump tweets and forms of virtue signaling may generate applause from social justice warriors and Soros-paid online trolls and street protesters, most ordinary people busy with their families and jobs and other bread-and-butter issues give minimal attention to Twitter posturing. And as the video below (one of the many along these lines) suggests, many anti-Trump folks are unable to articulate why the want to dump Trump.

Along these lines, Scott Jennings of the Louisville Courier-Journal further explains this disconnect between Trump backers and how the impeachment-obsessed SJW movement and the media perceive the current political environment.

“It is true that some of Trump’s decisions stand in contrast to statements he made during the campaign. But those who deride his ‘flip-flops’ should remember that governing and campaigning are two different things and that Trump gets more policy latitude from voters because he has never held office before…Trump’s base supporters are too busy living their lives to obsess over the outrage of the minute in Washington, D.C. They don’t follow 50 Beltway reporters on Twitter, hanging on their every snarky comment. They aren’t particularly concerned with which Trump advisors are up or down in the morning political tip sheets. But they do follow politics closely enough to know that the press still hates Trump, as do the liberal political elites. As far as the average Trump supporter in Middle America is concerned, Trump must be doing just fine.”

Granted, the erratic FBI may produce a politicized, compromised report that makes the Trump administration or Trump transition look bad insofar as Russia is concerned. Impeachment though? Unlikely. Hopefully, the FBI and/or Congress will also get to the bottom of the surveillance of the Trump campaign that appears to violate federal law. Will anyone probe the collusion between the media and the Hillary Clinton campaign?

As the Inquisitr previously theorized, if Trump came up with a cure for cancer, the media would complain about overpopulation.

As the administration moves forward, given his outsized personality, President Trump will make some good decisions, some bad ones, get into needless controversies, and say or tweet off-the-wall things. As alluded to above, the master of the “art of the deal” will also enter in compromises to push through his agenda in Congress that appear to be reversals of campaign statements. None of this is impeachable either. There is a lot of smoke and mirrors in government and always has been. Recall that Obama had a heck of a time getting Obamacare enacted even when the Democrats controlled the entire federal apparatus.

Keep in mind that there are many forces arrayed against Trump who want to maintain the swamp rather than drain it.

Conservative Treehouse writer “Sundance” sums up the essence of the so-called UniParty in the establishment that seeks to block the president’s populist initiatives, as alluded to above.

“Media polls, corporate ideological media punditry, astroturf rallies, paid protests and massive disinformation efforts are all part of the theater needed to construct and maintain a narrative. The goal of that narrative is to keep President Trump’s platform of radical change from effecting the lives of those who benefit from all the activity within the swamp.”

Russia election hacking allegations as political grandstanding

About the allegations that Vladimir Putin and his posse interfered in the presidential election to Trump’s benefit, former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy provided this analysis for the #NeverTrump National Review.

“….Democrats had little interest in mentioning ‘Russia’ or ‘Putin.’ Oh, they sputtered out the words when they had no choice — not wanting to address the substance of some embarrassing e-mails, they had to shift attention to the nefarious theft of the e-mails… Beyond that, attention to the Kremlin was bad news for Clinton. It invited scrutiny of the Clinton Foundation’s corrupt foreign dealings; the sulfurous interplay of Putin cronies, Bill Clinton’s lucrative speech racket, and Hillary’s biddable State Department that resulted in Russia’s acquisition of major U.S. uranium supplies; the embarrassing ‘Russian reset’ whereby, during Clinton’s State Department stewardship, the supine Obama administration watched Putin capture territory in Eastern Europe and muscle into the Middle East, while arming and aligning with Iran… It was only after the campaign — after Hillary’s baggage no longer mattered, after the Democrats decided that ‘Russia hacked the election’ was a better storyline than ‘we ran a lousy candidate and have lost touch with Middle America’ — that Obama made a show of vigorous action against the same ‘cyber espionage’ he’d pooh-poohed as par for the course seemingly five minutes before… “Russia hacked the election” is politicized theater of the most irresponsible kind.”

Trump voters buyers’ remorse?

Impeachment could be more plausible, if at all, should President Trump fall out of favor with his voters. Have you seen some stories about Trump voters experiencing buyer’s remorse, which could provide lawmakers with political cover for a Donald Trump impeachment? There’s a term for that: Fake news.

A new poll from the Washington Post, which next to CNN or the New York Times, is a big-time Trump nemesis, revealed that an astounding 96 percent of Trump supporters would vote for the New York real estate mogul again, even with data simultaneously showing a historically low approval rating.

History has shown that voters need to take polling results with a grain of salt, but the same poll suggests that Trump would defeat Hillary Clinton in a hypothetical rematch by 43 percent to 40 percent, winning the popular vote in the process.

“The poll comes as Trump looks to finish his first 100 days later this week on a high note, with new legislative initiatives on tax reform and health care. Unlike his predecessors, Trump had no ‘honeymoon,’ with the media and the Democratic opposition — a.k.a. ‘Resistance’ — determined to maintain a bitter antagonism from the very first day,” Breitbart News asserted.

At the same time, business and consumer confidence are up, regulations have been rolled back that hampered economic growth, border security is much improved, trade is being reformed, a new Supreme Court justice was successfully confirmed, and so on.

“On the executive action front, Trump has kept a significant number of his promises,” Byron York of the Washington Examiner wrote several days ago.

Donald Trump impeachment likely off the table
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A Pew Research poll also indicates that Trump’s political base is still solidly behind him even as the liberals in the media echo chamber continue to hyperventilate about Russia, impeachment, and other distractions.

“Overall, 82% of Republicans and Republican leaners approve of the job Trump is doing.” For the entire electorate, “59% say Trump has done about as they expected, while 20% say he’s done worse than they expected and 19% say he’s done better.”

Like him or hate him, do you think a Donald Trump impeachment is on the horizon?

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