Javi Marroquin Dating: ‘Teen Mom’ Husband Probably Thinks Franchise Is A Big Joke [Opinion]

Javi Marroquin joined the Teen Mom 2 show when he met Kailyn Lowry after her split from a boyfriend. She often talked about how she wanted to move on with her life after a failed relationship with Isaac’s father, Jo Rivera, and another failed relationship with Jordan, who she worked with. Even though Lowry randomly hooked up with them after she broke up with them, it was clear that Lowry wanted to find a relationship that could potentially evolve into a marriage and more children. So when she met Marroquin, many expected that they would get married.

According to a new tweet, Javi Marroquin is now learning that being a part of the Teen Mom 2 franchise isn’t just about sharing your life on national television. For years, Marroquin has tried to put his best foot forward while filming the show, including being a respectful husband and a fun and responsible father. But when his marriage failed, rumors started about him, claiming he was possessive, rude, and possibly scary after he broke into Kailyn’s home through the basement. And after learning about all of these rumors, one can imagine that he can only laugh at them.

While Javi may take filming serious, as he’s getting paid for it and he respects the MTV crew, everything else may be a complete joke to him. For example, this week, he learned that his name was in an article about him possibly dating one of Kailyn’s friends.

“Javi Hooks Up with Teen Mom 2 Co-Star!?!” read the headline of the article, which Javi Marroquin decided to address, to which another Twitter account wrote, “I’m not sure why anyone even follows that horrible FB page. Next week she’ll say Debz OG is headlining Coachella.”

“Lmfao! Ashley with the best comebacks,” Marroquin tweeted back, clearly laughing at this rumor that he was dating one of Lowry’s co-stars.

It’s ridiculous that he could possibly be dating one of Lowry’s co-stars. Chelsea DeBoer is married to Cole, and just had her son, Watson Cole. Plus, she lives in South Dakota, which is far away from Delaware. The same thing is true for Jenelle Evans, as she’s engaged to David Eason and just had a daughter, Ensley. The only one left is Leah Messer, and she doesn’t seem like his type. They could not be more different, and they have different priorities. She has three children and has been divorced twice, and she’s focusing on her daughter’s health, so one can imagine that dating Javi from Delaware isn’t exactly what’s on her mind.

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But it sounds like Javi Marroquin isn’t losing sleep over the many rumors about his love life. Sure, he’s legally divorced from Lowry, but that doesn’t mean he’s ready to date and settle down again. And as he recently wrote on Twitter, people should just ask him about his love life rather than assume.

“Lmao these articles can’t be serious damn y’all really wanna know about my love life. I’ll tell you myself. It’s nonexistent,” Javi has previously revealed about his dating life on Twitter, sharing that he may not have time to date.

These days, Marroquin is focusing on his work and his son, Lincoln. And it sounds like he doesn’t really care too much about the stories about his ex-wife, as she’s preparing to have her third child all on her own. Even though he knows she’s pregnant, he may not know the details about the pregnancy.

What do you think of Javi Marroquin commenting on the rumors and making a mockery of stories about his life? Do you think he finds some aspects of the Teen Mom 2 franchise a joke?

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