Ivanka Trump: Jesse Watters Of Fox News Makes Phallic Joke – Whisper Voice, Quiet ‘Today’ Talk Buzz [Video] [Opinion]

Fresh off the heels of being booed and jeered in Germany, as reported by the Inquisitr, Ivanka Trump taped an interview with Today that can be viewed below. As seen in the above photo, Ivanka’s blonde mane was evident as Trump made her way through the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. Ivanka’s trip to Berlin to participate in high-profile meetings and visit the Holocaust Memorial on Tuesday, April 25, made news around the world as Ivanka found herself defending President Donald Trump’s attitudes toward women.

As a result of Ivanka’s recent high-profile moments in the news as of late, Ivanka’s name is a pretty common one being published inside a variety of tweets. However, instead of making comments about the substance of Ivanka’s interviews, many people are making comments about the manner in which Ivanka whispers — or, like Jesse Watters of Fox News, making a comment about the way Ivanka spoke into the microphone. With assumed references to fellatio, Jesse is getting backlash for the comment he made about Ivanka in the below video when Watters claimed that he liked the way Ivanka held the microphone. With the microphone representing a black phallic symbol, plenty of folks on Twitter are questioning why Jesse would criticize “the left” for not respecting women, but then make a seemingly sexist comment about the way Ivanka held the microphone.

Editor’s note: Fox News reached out to the inquisitr with the following statement from Jesse Watters.

“During the break we were commenting on Ivanka’s voice and how it was low and steady and resonates like a smooth jazz radio DJ. This was in no way a joke about anything else.”


Why Does Ivanka Trump Whisper When She Talks?

On social media, folks are reacting to Ivanka’s Today interview, with plenty of the commentary about Ivanka representing people wondering aloud why she speaks with a soft tone, almost a whisper. While some people are writing feedback defending Ivanka’s presence in interviews, others are comparing Ivanka’s voice to salacious things.

Whereas Ivanka mentioned in her Today interview that she did not like the word “accomplice,” many more people are making commentary, as seen in the below tweet, about Ivanka’s voice. As reported in the below Fortune article, German newspapers dubbed Ivanka the “first whisperer.”


People on social media are also giving Watters a hard time for his words about Ivanka. A sample of some of the comments flowing into Twitter about Ivanka can be read below.

“Like or hate Ivanka, if you can’t hear the sexual harassment in his statement, you’re part of the problem.

“Ivanka talks like she’s trying to avoid her face from cracking.”

“Ivanka using that porn star whisper to non answer. NOW she’s a politician? This family sickens me.”

“Did anyone else notice Ivanka’s Miss America fake smile pose yesterday while the rest of the women were acting normal?

“Ivanka is vapid. Ignorant & not representative of American women. What is with her speaking voice? Annoying.”

“I have to mute the TV every time talks – I cannot take that breathy whisper voice. You’re not working as a phone sex operator.”

“Very proud of Ivanka. She takes a booing like nobody else. Best at it. Even better than me.

“Feminists may be critical of Ivanka’s support/defense of her father, but we will all defend her against blow job jokes!”

“Ivanka doesn’t like ‘accomplice’ to describe her… Sorry, love, if that legal ‘term of art’ clashes with your ‘mental wardrobe’. ACCOMPLICE.”

“The Jesse Watters remark is interesting only in that people now have to decide if they hate Watters or Ivanka more when they make a response.”


Also making news, as seen in the above article from the Washington Post, is the paltry amount of pay that Chinese workers earn as they create Ivanka’s brand of clothing. With long 60-hour weeks spent working, and making only $62 per week, the pay of Ivanka’s workers is going viral and getting backlash on social media.

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