Would ‘Shameless’ Be ‘Shameless’ Without All The Sex? [Opinion]

Would the Showtime series Shameless still be the series we shamelessly love if it didn’t have so much sex in it? Honestly, it’s debatable.

Now, Shameless is a Showtime series about the dysfunctional Gallagher family. Just when you think a member – or several members – of the family can’t surprise you, a new plot twist is added to the series that makes you yell at the screen. Now, anyone who has seen even just a few episodes of this series is going to agree that Shameless was appropriately named. It is a series that makes you feel shameless when you watch it and it is a series that all about a family (as well as some of their close friends) who have absolutely no shame.

Three leading ladies of the Shameless cast
'Shameless' leading ladies [Featured Image by Jason Kempin/Getty Images]

But, back to the original question – would Shameless be Shameless without the excessive amount of sex in the series? Honestly, I’m not sure. If you really stop and think about it, there are so many plot twists in the series that are exclusively about sex. There are even some characters that are largely defined by sex. Take Karen, for example. Whether you love her or hate her, do you remember how you met Karen in the first season? What she did for Lip? What Lip tried to get her to do for Ian? Fast forward to what Karen did to Frank just to get back at her father.

Still think Shameless could be Shameless without all of the sex? Well, how about Karen’s mother Sheila? Do you think Sheila’s character would have been as interesting without her very specific and hilarious interests?

For those who still need more convincing, think about Ian for a moment. First, he was with his boss and then his relationship with Mickey was largely about sex at first. Sure, most fans would agree that Ian and Mickey blossomed into a beautiful relationship – and possibly one of the better Shameless relationships, but the relationship was built on sex.

Then, there’s Lip. Can you think of a time where Lip went too many episodes without some kind of intimate relationship? How about the fact that his college life was derailed because of his sexual relationship with his teacher?

William Macy at the Critics Choice Awards
William Macy at the Critics Choice Awards. [Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]

Let’s not forget about Kevin and Veronica. These two went from putting their sex life on camera as a way to pay their bills to getting into a polyamorous relationship with the women who was the mother of Mickey’s child! According to Phoenix New Times, you also can’t forget about the sex scenes with Veronica, Kevin, and Veronica’s mother as many considers it to be one of the most shameless sex scenes in the entire series.

Wrap back around to Debbie who went from being one of the sweet ones to becoming a teenager mother and then Carl who quickly became very popular with the ladies. The only member of the Gallagher family who really doesn’t have a sex-related plot twist in Shameless is Liam and if the series continued to when he hits his teenage years he will likely follow in his family’s footsteps.

If you’ve made it this far and you still really think Shameless could be Shameless without sex, you must’ve forgotten about Fiona. The only way Shameless could be Shameless without sex is if Fiona Gallagher was a different person completely or just wasn’t part of the show at all. Fiona spent the first six seasons of the series really getting around. In fact, Season 7 was the first-time Shameless fans got to see Fiona without a life clogged up by sex and men.

Emmy Rossum at a screening of Shameless
Emmy Rossum [Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]

Now, it is worth noting that a lot of Shameless fans have admitted that they really enjoyed the Fiona in Season 7. For some, it was nice to see Fiona focus on something other than her sex life. Would it be nice to get a look at some of the other members of the Gallagher family without a life clogged up by sex? It could be.

In theory, Shameless could probably exist without all of the sex. However, it would be a very different show than it is now. The characters wouldn’t be the same and a lot of the plot lines wouldn’t even exist. Would Shameless be any good if it didn’t have so much sex in it? I really can’t say for sure because it would be such a different show.

Do you think Shameless would be the same series we shamelessly love if it were less riddled with sex-driven plot twists? Share your thoughts in the comment’s section found down below.

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