Tucker Carlson Gently Calls Out Caitlyn Jenner On Her Selective Equal Rights? [Opinion]

Caitlyn Jenner is making the rounds as her new book hit the shelves today and one stop on the promotion tour was with Tucker Carlson on Monday night, who rather gently called Jenner out on some of her ideas. Jenner was very adamant on her LGBT community rights on the Fox News show onMonday night and a bit concerned that they weren’t a top priority for the Trump administration.

She said that a letter was sent about the murder rate in the transgender community to Jeff Sessions, who is the Attorney General of the nation. Jenner acted a bit indignant because he didn’t respond. While her cause is extremely serious, not everyone who sends a letter to the Attorney General will get a response. It was almost as if she seemed to think that because of who she is, the letter deserved a response.

Jenner is attempting to make a case for transgender murder suspects to be charged with a hate crime as well as murder. She would like to see these suspects charged with a “hate crime,” so they would get a stiffer sentence.

According to Yahoo News, Jenner and Carlson debated transgender rights during Tucker’s first show, which took over Bill O’Reilly’s time slot last night. The clip can be seen in the Facebook post above. Jenner had been sitting on the Fox set with Tucker championing equal rights for her community, but if someone from her community is murdered, she is asking for a stiffer sentence. Tucker weighed in with a point that seemed to suggest that Jenner is wanting equal rights on one hand, but not on the other. He gently said the following.

“I wonder if it’s not just enough to prosecute someone for murder. Is that not enough, as everyone is American and all lives are equal, the lives of transgender people and the lives of everyone are equal, so isn’t that enough?”

Caitlyn doesn’t answer directly to his question but states how when a transgender woman is murdered, the crime is just brushed away as if it wasn’t of any significance.

This is when Tucker asks Caitlyn the question she couldn’t answer.

“Isn’t getting charged with a murder like any other American enough?”

He then gives Caitlyn an example that leaves her a bit flustered and causes her to move on to another subject rather abruptly.

“If someone you loved were killed and the murderer received a lesser sentence because your loved one was not a member of the trans community, that’s kind of unfair.”

We are all Americans and want to be treated equal, Tucker reminds her.

That wasn’t something that Caitlyn had a comeback for and moved on by saying, “well, you know we’ve got other issues too our murder rate is so high.” Then she took a big leap into another subject by saying that she is concerned about Trump’s next move regarding Senator Mark Green and the way he sees trans people.

While Jenner does her book tour, the latest buzz is that the Kardashian family isn’t thrilled about some of the things she has written in her book. On the latest Keeping Up With The Kardashians episode, this comes through loud and clear. The Washington Posts draws attention to the correlation between the drama about Jenner’s book on the sitcom and how it coincidentally happened to occur just two days before the book was scheduled to hit the shelves.

The Post suggests that by reporting on how the Kardashians are upset about Jenner’s book, this just draws attention to his penned memoir. Then they add, “which may be the real intention.” Kris Jenner was upset in Sunday night’s Keeping Up With the Kardashian episode after reading what Caitlyn said she told Kris years ago about her transgender issues before ever making love to her. That got Kris upset, but she also appeared hurt by this. She was adamant that the conversation never happened.

The most famous of all Kardashians, Kim herself, piped in to say that Caitlyn has the right to say whatever she wants, but asks why Caitlyn has to drag her mother into this again. There was enough drama offered on this Keeping Up with the Kardashians episode to make die-hard Kardashian fans run out and buy Caitlyn’s book. Was this the real intent?

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