Robert Pattinson A Hypocrite? ‘Twilight’ Star Now Interested In A Reboot Or Spin-Off [Opinion]

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart at Twilight screening together

Does Robert Pattison’s recent interest in a Twilight reboot or spin-off make him a hypocrite?

Robert Pattison has the hearts of Twilight fans everywhere twisted in the palm of his hands as he recently revealed a spin-off or reboot of the vampire saga would be “fun.”

As Cosmopolitan reminds us, it has been half a decade since Robert (playing the role of Edward Cullen) wrapped up the Twilight Saga. Even though five years have passed, fans of the series have never stopped talking about the desire for a reboot or spin-off of the saga.

It, however, would appear as if Twilight fans can finally rejoice as a Twilight reboot or spin-off could actually be a thing on the horizon. During an interview with Yahoo Movies, Robert Pattinson was asked whether or not he would be interested in revisiting his role as Edward Cullen in a Twilight spin-off or reboot.

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson open up during an interview

Robert responded to the question – almost in a joking manner of tone – that he would love the idea of a spin-off dedicated exclusively to the character Edward Cullen. He even suggested the Twilight spin-off be called Edward: Homecoming.

“I mean, I’m always kind of curious. Anything where there’s a mass audience — or seemingly an audience for it — I always like the idea of subverting people’s expectations.”

A Twilight reboot or spin-off is something Twihards (the affectionate name given to Twilight fans) have been talking about for years. In February of this year, Inquisitr reported that Kristen Stewart had actually talked about the possibility of a Twilight reboot. While Stewart did not appear too interested in resuming her role as Bella Swan, she did say she would be first in line to read any additional Twilight books or watch any additional Twilight movies.

In the video at the top of the article, Kristen was quoted talking about how she would consider the idea of appearing in a Twilight reboot or spin-off if some of the other cast members returned. However, she couldn’t say that it have an effect on her emotionally. She also discussed how she had already given so much of her life to the Twilight Saga and that she was ready to move on. So, whether or not Kristen would join Robert in a reboot or spin-off is up for debate.

For the most part, Twihards agree that a Twilight reboot or spin-off really wouldn’t be worthwhile to the original fanbase if they didn’t have the original cast. After all, would you watch a Twilight reboot or spin-off without Kristen and Robert?

Robert Pattinson posing for a picture during the screening of a Twilight movie

The bigger question worth asking is doesn’t Pattinson showing an interest in a Twilight reboot or spin-off make him a bit of a hypocrite? The story mentioned previously that Inquisitr covered in February of this year also talked about how Robert appeared to have no interest in reviving his role as Edward Cullen.

In an interview (which can be watched below), Robert opened up about his opinion of Stephanie Meyer. During the interview, Pattinson revealed that he thought Meyer was crazy for created Edward. He believed Meyer created Edward Cullen based off a dream of a fictional man she was in love with. Robert commented on the fact that the description of Edward Cullen in the books was just too perfect and detailed. He honestly thought Meyer pictured herself as Bella Swan when she wrote the book.

Below is a three-minute compilation of several interviews where Robert Pattinson opened up about Twilight and his role as Edward Cullen. In one of the interviews, Robert talked about the scene where he and his family members – who were supposed to be 300-year-old geniuses – were using Google Images to look up information about vampire babies. He thought that, as well as several other scenes in the movie, were a little ridiculous.

Pattinson also commented on how absurd it was that after talking about how much he wanted to kill Bella that she didn’t seem to care and loved him anyway. Robert wanted to know what exactly made that acceptable or an ideal love story.

Considering Robert has done so much bashing and slamming of Stephanie, Twilight, and his role as Edward Cullen, doesn’t it make him a bit of a hypocrite that he suddenly has an interest in reviving the character? Robert hasn’t expressed an interest in Twilight for years. He’s slammed and criticized it. Meanwhile, the fanbase of Twihards who have been begging for more Twilight have been begging for years. Why is it that all of the sudden Robert has an interest in a reboot or spin-off to appease the fans? Isn’t that the very definition of being a hypocrite?

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As a Twihard myself, I find the thought of a Twilight reboot or spin-off to be thrilling. That, however, doesn’t make Robert or Kristen suddenly having an interest in a reboot any less hypocritical. Both Pattinson and Stewart have been adamant over the last few years of their lack of interest in rebooting the Twilight Saga. To suddenly think differently is the very definition of being a hypocrite.

What are your thoughts on Robert Pattison’s sudden interest in a Twilight reboot or spin-off? Do you think it makes him a hypocrite to suddenly be interested in the idea? Share your thoughts and opinions on whether or not he’s a hypocrite in the comment’s section found down below.

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