Bill Nye Saves The World? New Transgender Sex Video Says Otherwise: Science Guy Pushes Liberal Dogma [Opinion]

Bill Nye at Bill Nye Saves The World screening

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t excited to check out Bill Nye’s new series, Bill Nye Saves The World. As a millennial, I grew up watching the Bill Nye The Science Guy television show as a child and have fond memories of learning science lessons in a cool, fun way. However, when I finally got around to checking out Nye’s new show, I was shocked and dismayed at its content and choice of subject matter. Instead of sticking to physics and chemistry lessons, Nye’s show addressed transgender sex and the “gender spectrum,” areas of inquiry that can be characterized as social science at best and agenda-driven conjecture at worst.

The Video

Gizmodo reports that Bill Nye’s new show does focus on actual scientific topics such as climate change and vaccines, albeit from a slanted, dogmatic perspective. However, this is not the limit of Nye’s devotion to promoting ideas enshrined by the political left. Bill Nye’s show has sunken to masquerading blatant, vulgar propaganda as legitimate scientific infotainment.

Bill Nye at New York Hall of Science

The video below depicts actress Rachel Bloom performing a song called “Sex Junk,” in which she brags about her varied sexual experiences with partners of different genders. The song, which attempts to hide behind its over-the-top, almost-satirical tone, is extremely difficult to listen to. It’s not funny and it’s certainly not informative. “Cringe” only begins to describe this vile performance, in which the vocalist opines,

“Are my options only hard or moist? My vagina has its own voice…’cause my sex junk is so oh, oh, oh, so much more than either-or, or, or”

A nice slap in the face to Bill Nye’s educational past occurs in a later line.

“It’s evolution, ain’t nothing new. There’s nothing taboo about a sex stew.”

If the blatant promotion of bisexuality, group sex, and pseudoscience about evolution isn’t enough, Bloom continues with a self-congratulatory line about random sexual encounters:

“Give someone new a handy. Then give yourself props.”

Wait, what?! How did “the science guy” go from educating the masses about basic scientific principles to serving up sexually explicit songs that “teach” the audience postmodern theories of sex and gender?

Why Bill Nye Isn’t A Real Science Guy

Contrary to popular belief, Bill Nye is not a scientist. According to Biography, he holds a Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and worked at The Boeing Company in Seattle before breaking into show business. After working as a stand-up comic for several years, Nye became a performer and comedy writer for the television show Almost Live before launching his famous Bill Nye The Science Guy show in 1993. While it is true that Bill Nye has served as a science educator and popularizer, it is troubling that many use these facts to assume that Nye actually holds a doctorate in a hard science like other science popularizers such as Neil deGrasse Tyson, who holds a doctorate in astrophysics and Carl Sagan, who held a doctorate in astronomy and astrophysics, according to Biography.

What Is Science?

According to Philosophy Basics, for an area of inquiry to be considered science, it must contain the following attributes.

1. It must be able to express hypotheses that are contingent, falsifiable, and testable. This means that any statements that are made (such as “the earth is flat”) must be neither always logically true nor always logically false (able to be true or false), capable of being proven false, and able to be tested (empirically investigated).

2. It must be grounded in empirical evidence. This means that there must be real, physical, observable evidence to back up the claims. Logic, reason, and theory are not enough for an area of inquiry to be considered science.

3. It must use the scientific method. The scientific method consists of asking a question, doing preliminary research, forming a hypothesis, testing the hypothesis in an experiment, organizing data, drawing conclusions, and sharing one’s work with the scientific community so that experiments can be replicated by others and the conclusions can be verified (peer review).

Simone De Beauvoir

Is Gender Theory A Science?

Gender theory is not science. According to Encyclopedia, Gender Theory developed as a historical theory in the 1970s and 1980s. In fact, there was a concerted effort to separate masculinity and femininity from biological maleness and femaleness. Author Bonnie G. Smith writes,

“In other words, by removing these categories from the realm of biology, it made a history possible.”

The architects and progenitors of gender theory are philosophers like Simon de Beauvoir, who was influenced by Communist theorist Karl Marx and psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, both non-scientists. While some may consider Freud a scientist because he studied psychology (a social science), Real Clear Science states that he was not a scientist because his ideas were not falsifiable. Harriet Hall explains,
“[Freud’s] approach was not scientific. He never tested his ideas with experiments that might have falsified his beliefs, and he ignored facts that contradicted his beliefs.”

It is no wonder that so many gender theorists are influenced by Freud since this field is rife with the same ignorance of basic scientific tenants displayed by the famed psychoanalyst. Gender theorists do not create testable, falsifiable hypotheses that can be tested empirically. Rather, they create philosophical theories that rest on appeals to authority and stern moralizing, dismissing and chiding anyone who dare question their dogma.

A simple quote by gender theorist Judith Butler illustrates how diametrically opposed gender theory is to hard science.

“Masculine and feminine roles are not biologically fixed but socially constructed.”

How do they know that? Is there any way to empirically test this idea? Looking at the fact that virtually every culture has masculine and feminine roles, it seems that if the evidence were to be examined, it would fail to support this theory. So why is Bill Nye, a man who calls himself a “science guy,” supporting such unscientific ideas?

The Liberal Agenda In College: Anti-Intellectualism And Changing The Nature of Science

The vile song “Sex Junk” performed on Bill Nye Saves The World attempts to cleverly dismiss the idea that there is some sort of agenda in American universities to brainwash students into accepting and promoting liberal ideas. About one minute and a half into the performance, a man dressed conservatively and wearing taped-up glasses, a caricature of a “nerd” in yet another blatant betrayal of Nye’s past, questions Bloom.

“Did you learn gay in college?”

Tellingly, in a fascistic manner typical of academic liberalism, Bloom refuses to answer the question and redirects the conversation, stating,

“Chill with all of that while I drop some knowledge,” before proceeding to lecture the crowd on how “sexuality is a spectrum.”

Fans of the video will claim that this exchange is just a joke. However, there is a grain truth (or purported truth) in every joke. There is a message that is being conveyed. Although Bloom attempts to ridicule the bespectacled inquisitor into submission, thoughtful watchers of the performance may not be so easily swayed.

It is clear from the data that there is indeed a liberal bias at universities. According to the Los Angeles Times, a Johns Hopkins study revealed that while only one-fifth of American adults describe themselves as liberal, a whopping one-half of university faculty do. Only 14% of professors studied called themselves Republican. While it is obvious that these demographics will affect how students’ political views are shaped, what is less obvious is the way their scientific views will be affected.

According to Scientific American, since the 1980s liberals have waged a battle against evolutionary psychology for having the audacity to suggest that human thought and behavior may be influenced by biology and evolutionary development, with high-profile authors such as Steven Pinker popularizing the false idea that the mind is a blank slate totally shaped by culture. The push for “gender studies” to be accepted as legitimate science is yet another example of substituting agenda for truth.

Why Did Bill Nye Abandon Science For Ideology?

One must wonder why such a respected science educator like Bill Nye, who inspired millions of children across America in the 1990s to develop their interests in science and nature through his landmark television program, Bill Nye The Science Guy, would abandon the wholesome purveyance of science for the lurid promotion of deviant sexual practices and unscientific gender theory. Once upon a time, Bill Nye may have had a chance to save the world, but now he has become just another streetlight on the road to destruction.

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