World War 3 News: ‘Everybody Would Die On First Day Of Nuclear War,’ Claims Nuclear Expert [Opinion]

With the rising tension between North Korea and the United States, it looks like the next great war is inevitable. Recently, North Korea’s state-controlled newspaper claimed that their country possesses the hydrogen bomb. According to a top nuclear expert, if any of the countries will use their nuclear weapons, be it an atomic bomb or a hydrogen bomb, almost everyone on this planet will die on the very first day.

Greg Mello, secretary and executive director of the Los Alamos Study Group, was recently asked about his take on the ongoing tension between North Korea and the rest of the world. Mr. Mello was asked how many people would die on the first day of a nuclear war. To this, the executive director said that apart from people living in the southern hemisphere, everybody in the world would die.

“Even a couple of nuclear weapons could end the United States as a government and an economy by destroying the financial markets and the Internet.”

Mello further noted that even if the nuclear exchanges between the countries were limited, with just ICBM silos and airfields being targeted by either of the countries, the fallout would reportedly wipe out the entire U.S. Midwest, including cities like Chicago.

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Mello compared the alleged use of the nuclear weapon with the wave of Fukushima-style and stated that all the nuclear power plants would apparently meltdown.

“Nuclear war means nuclear winter. It means the collapse of very fragile electronic, financial, governmental, administrative systems that keep everyone alive. We’d be lucky to reboot in the early 19th century.

“And if enough weapons are detonated, the collapse of the Earth’s ozone layer would mean that every form of life that has eyes could be blinded. The combined effects of a US-Russian nuclear war would mean that pretty much every terrestrial mammal, and many plants would become extinct. There would be a dramatic biological thinning.”

If the world comes to this, that two major powers from the East and the West will lock their horns, the world will never be the same place again. If America and North Korea start World War III, there is certain stuff that we all can do to protect ourselves in the dark hours.

Do Not Believe In Fake News, Do Not Spread Rumors

Most of the time, rumors and fake news from third-party outlets become the main source of chaos. When the times comes, do not try to spread rumors about the war and try not to believe everything you hear. In such times, news from the authentic sources is the key to keeping everyone safe and calm.

There are also chances that during the next great war, a lot will be published online from hackers or cyber criminals. During such hours, one must understand that the countries involved in the fight will do anything to win the war. That being said, when you hear something, try to get a second opinion from a different source.

Fill Your Storage Unit

As mentioned earlier, Kim Jong-un would allegedly try to aim the coastal areas of America. During that time, the best place to hide from the nuclear weapons will be storage units. At the same time, one does not know how long the inevitable great war will last, so in order to survive one must fill up their storage unit with things they need the most like medicines, water, eggs, bread, clothes, and sheets.

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Stay Close To Your Family

In the dark hours, the support of the family is one of those things that matters the most. Stay close to your family and be together no matter what. Previous great wars destroyed many families and left many wounds in the hearts. If North Korea makes the first step of attacking the American soil or its allies, there are chances that this war will be more gruesome than anything which the world has ever since. During such times, all family members should stay together and help each other.

Don’t Follow Any Leader Blindly

If the World War III strikes, many will come out as the leaders who will promise you that they will make things easy for you and your family. The local leaders will have contacts and medical supplies that will surely help each and everyone, but one should not blindly follow anyone. Remember to talk with your family and neighbors before you appoint anyone your leader in times like this.

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