Melania Trump’s Odd Guest Like A Fly On The Wall – Spawns Ludicrous Report? [Opinion]

There is nothing new about a media outlet trying to make Melania Trump look like a victim and portraying Donald Trump as a tyrant. Sadly this is more the norm than not today. But when a publication starts spinning a story about the conception of their child, Barron, this has gone way too far.

Seriously, why would anyone set out to do this? Maybe because no one would be interested in reading about the normal and respectful marriage the Trump couple shares. It is like a car wreck, everyone is going to slow down to take a gander at twisted and mangled metal.

The recent Vanity Fair article about Melania and her relationship with Donald Trump and his brood, seems to paint a dark and gloomy canvas with a lot of gray areas thrown in just to give it a splash of drama. According to AOL News, the White House responded to this new report that has put all types of accusations out there regarding Melania and her relationship to the Trump family.

One of the most ludicrous tidbits to come out of this latest report is concerning Melania Trump getting pregnant with Barron. According to this report when Melania wanted to have a baby, Donald Trump, who already had a sizable family spawned, made a contract with his wife. The contact was verbal, but never the less, apparently for the drama needed in this new report, they call it a contract.

Melania’s pregnancy was granted, only because she promised to get her “body back” after having the baby. This was overheard by an unnamed visitor who was in the Trump’s home almost 12 years ago. It was the visitor who the Vanity Fair article quoted as saying Trump was insisting she get her body back after the baby was born and it was talked about as if it were a contract.

First of all, it’s hard to see any married couple having this conversation at all, but especially in front of company? The visitor said that Melania reassured her husband that after she had a baby that everything would go back to normal. This same visitor also said that Donald Trump acted as if her pregnancy was a gift to Melania.

This guest must have stayed a while because they certainly made a lot of observations that really stuck like glue in their memory for a dozen years. With a visitor like this, who needs enemies? It sounds as if this unnamed person spewed forth enough detail to get a novel in the works. After the White House replied to these accusations, it’s apparent that novel would be one of fiction.

According to this guest, instead of doting on Melania and asking her how she felt, Donald Trump reiterated that she was the one who wanted the baby. The articles reports how the guest “noted,” what was said in the Trump home. After 12 years the only way to remember this would be to take notes as it transpired. One of those things this guest remembered was how Donald Trump acted as if he did Melania a “favor” by letting her have a baby.

A White House spokesperson for Melania Trump tackled this report limb by limb. Stephanie Grisham disputed the accusations made in the Vanity Fair article, according to AOL News. As far as Melania’s pregnancy, she said that Donald was a warm and supportive husband to Melania. The information in this Vanity Fair report was apparently wrong and Grisham made sure that people understood this.

This report was also somewhat mean spirited to write this kind of stuff about a family. The report didn’t stop with Melania and Donald, it also tackled Melania and Ivanka’s relationship which was described as rather “frosty,” according to the Daily Mail. The spokesperson denied any animosities between the mother and step-daughter and defined their relationship as these two women being “very close.”

After watching Ivanka and Melania’s interaction on inauguration day, most would agree the two really looked to be good friends. According to the Daily Mail, the Vanity Fair article may have conjured up this “frostiness” accusation because Ivanka has been filling in for Melania at the White House. She’s been helping out her father while Melania is still in New York City waiting to move to the White House once Barron’s school year is out.

Whoever this guest was, it sounds as if Donald and Melania haven’t had them to their home for quite some time because this unnamed person had to dig back over a decade to find something to share about the Trumps. What was said turned out to be fiction anyway, according to the White House spokesperson. Why didn’t someone take a look at this article before it was published and say this is just too out there to try and sell as realistic?

[Featured Image by Stuart Ramson/AP Images]