Where To Watch Bill O’Reilly’s New Podcast Tonight? First Week Is Freebie [Opinion]

Nothing is going to hold Bill O’Reilly back from spreading his word. Even his sudden departure from Fox News won’t keep him from telling it like he sees it. Tonight he will make his debut on his podcast, which will be a venue that only those with a paid subscription can get after Sunday, but for his debut tonight and the rest of the week, you can view him for free.

As NBC News calls O’Reilly, “the former king of cable news,” and they report that this “former king” is offering up his No Spin News podcast for free during his first week. This will also be the first time the masses will hear O’Reilly speak in public since Fox severed ties with him. Many expect to hear the former Fox News journalist talk about his departure from Fox, which was suddenly sprung on his fans while he was away on vacation. He did seem to suggest in a statement that he wasn’t happy about the situation.

O’Reilly is lucky that he lives in the day and age where he can gain instant access to the masses without the Fox News conglomerate behind him, or any news station behind him for that matter. For Fox, this is the first weeknight in two decades that O’Reilly’s show won’t be part of the prime time lineup. But that’s O.K., they may even have something better for their fans, or at least for the new generation of fans.

You are going to have to listen to O’Reilly at 7 p.m. rather than the 8 p.m. time slot that his fans are used to. He has his podcast set for an hour ahead of the usual time that you would see him over at Fox on weeknights. After the first week of listening to O’Reilly for free, you are going to have to open your wallet and sign up for his premium subscription if you have a need to continue watching his No Spin News.

So what can you expect to see from O’Reilly now that he isn’t sitting in front of the camera’s at Fox News anymore? That can be just about anything, but more than likely it will be some of the same old type of reporting from O’Reilly, the kind where he stops periodically to pat himself on the back.

How to Watch Bill O’Reilly’s No Spin News Podcast:

You can tune into O’Reilly’s podcast by visiting his website here. Then at the top of the page you need to click to “Sign Up.” That will bring you to his premium membership sign up page. You can signup for a year, which will set you back $49.95. You also have the option of paying out $15.95 for 90 days. You can also sign up monthly and pay $4.95 a month. They’ve done the math for you. It will only cost you about $0.13 a day to stay in tune with Bill O’Reilly. Again, for this week, it’s free.

This week is more than likely a freebie aimed at enticing the masses his way so he can hook them once again and get some paid subscriptions out of the deal. You have to admit going from Fox News to a podcast is like Taylor Swift stopping her concert tour in lieu of playing at sweet 16 basement birthday parties. It’s a rather sad big step down and a bit embarrassing.

According to the Bill O’Reilly website, other than mentioning the podcast starting tonight and how it will be offered for free until May 1, there’s no hint on his plans for what he will discuss this evening. Keeping with tradition O’Reilly offers up the “Word of the Day.”

O’Reilly’s Word of the Day: “Sciolistic means ‘a superficial show of learning,’ according to the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary. There, you are ahead of the rest of the masses tuning in tonight, you already know the word and the meaning.”

Look who it is, Bill O’Reilly from his early days, check out the video from Facebook below!

Tucker Carlson has taken over Bill O’Reilly’s time slot on Fox News, and his first night in that prime time slot is tonight at 8 p.m., which was the traditional time O’Reilly appeared on weeknights. The former Fox journalist dropped his No Spin News podcast an hour behind his traditional time, but why? Carlson has been going great over at Fox and it looks like he is paving the way for a whole new generation of fans at Fox News.

Carlson might just outdo O’Reilly in ratings, just as he’s already out done Megyn Kelly’s viewer numbers – he actually doubled them. If O’Reilly was on at the same time as Carlson, it would probably cut into his podcast viewers. With O’Reilly and Kelly both gone, it looks like Carlson and Jesse Watters will easily replace those two personalities and be just as popular, if not even more popular than the old Fox News guard.

According to Newsmax, Carlson has scored Caitlyn Jenner as his first guest on his new Fox show tonight, which is expected to be a big draw. So O’Reilly’s fairly safe in his 7 p.m. time slot with his podcast.

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