Update: Erin Moran’s Autopsy Points To Stage 4 Cancer Complications, Heroin Report Nixed [Opinion]

Erin Moran’s cause of death was reported as a “suspected heroin overdose” yesterday, according to an unnamed source who spoke with a British publication. It was after the Daily Mail reported that they spoke with this “source” that the news of Erin Moran dying from a “suspected heroin overdose” went viral.

Today, the people closest to Erin say her drug of choice was alcohol. This is also what other news reports through the years seem to indicate. It looks as if the 56-year-old Happy Days star’s main substance problem was with alcohol. On Monday afternoon, the real picture emerged once the autopsy results were released and it painted a sad picture of the end of Erin Moran’s life.

Update: The autopsy revealed that Erin Moran “most likely succumbed to complications of stage 4 cancer,” according to Fox News today. The autopsy and investigation into Moran’s death was conducted in tandem by the Harrison County Sheriff’s Department and the Harrison County Coroner’s Office.

While the toxicology report is still pending, there were no illegal substances found with Erin Moran’s body or at her residence, the authorities reported. Sheriff Rod Seelye reported the findings of Erin Moran’s autopsy in a statement that was sent to Fox News today. Earlier today it was reported that those closest to Erin refused to believe that it was heroin that ended her life. They said it was alcohol that Erin had problems with, not heroin.

Original Report:

According to the Hollywood Gossip, at the time of her death, Erin was living in a trailer park known for it’s drug abuse among the residents. This may be why people were quick to surmise that Moran died from an overdose of the drug heroin since the substance is so prevalent in her neighborhood.

Erin Moran went from America’s sweetheart on the sitcom Happy Days to a homeless woman who was destitute in the years leading up to her death. While Erin was reported as living in the trailer where her lifeless body was found, she didn’t have a home of her own for months at a time during her adult life.

Those who were the closest to Erin Moran’s don’t believe it was a heroin overdose that killed her, according to the Hollywood Gossip. They believe it was her abuse of alcohol over the years that caught up with her. They think that she was possibly suffering from an undiagnosed liver or heart ailment brought on by the years of alcohol abuse.

Erin was found by law enforcement officers after a 911 call reported an “unresponsive female.” It was determined at the location that the identity of this person was, in fact, Erin Moran, of long-ago Happy Days fame. The cause of her death was not immediately apparent by police, who report there is an autopsy pending.

Looking back over the years, articles regarding Erin Moran’s inappropriate behavior are affiliated with her drinking. She once got into a “drunken brawl” with her mother-in-law, as described in an article from the Christian Post back in 2012. At the time, there was nothing said about Erin taking drugs. Today, it is reported that she had both drug and alcohol abuse issues, but her friends maintain it was alcohol that was Erin’s drug of choice.

You would actually be hard-pressed to find an article indicating she was under the influence of anything else offered by name, other than alcohol. Some articles suggest she may be on drugs, but nothing about her actually taking a specific drug seems to be written anywhere as fact. Radar Online wrote an article about Moran back in 2012. In that article, witnesses said that Moran, who was partying at a hotel, acted more like just a plain “crazy lady” than a woman who was drunk or taking drugs.

According to Radar Online, “the sheriff’s office confirmed there is no clear answer to her death.” In most heroin overdose cases, the signs are right there by the body in the form of discarded packages, needles, or some type of paraphernalia used to snort the drug. That still doesn’t mean there weren’t clues to her death near her body, and the police could be keeping a lid on what they know until the investigation is complete.

Through the years, the term “drug abuse” has been used when reporting on Moran, but there doesn’t seem to be any information about a drug of choice for the late Happy Days star. Reports on Moran’s partying habits seem to mirror those of other stars who died too young, so this might be the reason people are surmising that she died of a heroin overdose. Then, of course, with the reports of Erin being destitute, it could be that she turned to this cheap high.

The Washington Post reports back in 2015 that a bag of heroin is cheaper than a pack of cigarettes. For someone without much money looking to escape via a drug high, heroin might be a drug they would turn to due to its low cost.

With reports circulating that Erin Moran died of a “suspected heroin overdose,” her friends have come forward to say that doesn’t sound like Erin’s MO. The people who knew her the best absolutely believe she died due to abuse of a substance, but they believe that substance was alcohol. There is only one thing for sure known about Erin Moran’s cause of death: The cause won’t be official until the autopsy is complete and the toxicology reports are back.

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