Kendall Jenner Handles Pepsi Backlash Like A Pro Amid Reports John Mayer Smitten With The Beauty [Opinion]

Since Kylie Jenner has been offered her own spin-off series of the reality show which put her family on the map, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, it’s worth questioning why it was the youngest sibling who was selected from the clan as opposed to her older sister Kendall.

Yes, Kylie has become a bit of a mogul in her various endeavors, and rivals the most famous of the siblings, Kim, in terms of following and presence, but there is something to be said for Kendall’s mysterious and less showy demeanor. There’s a confidence in Kendall that the other sisters seem to lack, meaning she doesn’t need to post every aspect of her day to social media or take an offer for her own reality show.

Although the top model was slammed recently for her involvement in a tone-deaf and downright confusing Pepsi ad, which only hit airwaves for a 24-hour period before it was pulled, unlike other celebrities, Kendall did not release a statement slamming the brand or defending herself. She simply laid low and let the dust settle before stepping out with her fashion game on point at Coachella a week later. Compare this to say Mariah Carey, who put on a disastrous performance on New Year’s Eve and following, took to social media to blame everyone else for the mess, and it’s clear that Kendall’s manner of letting the storm settle, saying nothing and then reminding why she’s on pretty well every runway around the globe by stepping out looking fierce, is a more respected tactic.

As The New Yorker, reminds, it’s Jenner’s mysterious and contrasting manner to that of her siblings, make her more intriguing.

“…the Kardashian-Jenner family’s second-youngest member has, until recently, maintained a curious remove from the earthy theatrics of her kin. This, paradoxically, has made her more interesting to watch.”

It seems as though Kendall seeks to blaze her own path that is separate from the reality show she and her family have become famous by way of, attempting to keep her career as a model distanced from the show. Fans likely remember how Kendall asked that her family not attend her fashion week shows, explaining that this was her time.

The model likely has a few admirers due to her mysteriousness and beauty, and one such admirer is apparently musician John Mayer, who, as sources share, has recently admitted to having a crush on Jenner.

Jezebel reports the claims by sources who share that Mayer is crushing on Kendall after she attended his L.A. concert, but that Mayer is done dating celebrities.

“A source told Hollywood Life that Mayer, ‘thinks Kendall is smoking hot.’ Jenner brought her close friend Hailey Baldwin to the concert with her, and Mayer reportedly developed a ‘mad crush’ on her as well. Where could this be going? Love triangle? Two vectors extending infinitely away from John Mayer?”

The source went on to break the news that the musician is taking a hiatus from romancing women who are in the public eye.

“He’s really trying to be good and not date any more high-profile women. He prefers not being in the spotlight, but still loves beautiful women. This concert was a major challenge for him. 5 years ago he would have made a move on Kendall and Hailey, but now he exercises restraint.”

John Mayer has certainly been known over the years as a bit of a ladies man after dating numerous celebrities such as Katy Perry and Taylor Swift. Perhaps Kendall or Hailey will inspire the singer to change his mind in regards to celebrities and dating. John Mayer and Kendall Jenner would definitely make one hot couple.

[Featured Image by Andrew Toth/Getty Images for Harper’s BAZAAR]