Melania Trump’s Cyber Bullying And Feminism Platforms For Women And Children Do Not Exist [Opinion]

When Donald Trump campaigned, Melania Trump’s cyber bullying platform was one of the most cited branches of the Trump campaign. In addition to cyber bullying, Melania Trump also tried to appeal to the feminism of America, working to appear to feminist voters that her husband was not a misogynist. But today, the White House East Wing is described as a “ghost town” in a new Vanity Fair report looking inside Melania Trump’s life and marriage.

Melania Trump Cyber Bullying
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Melania Trump has not done anything for America, or the Trump Administration, since Trump took the oath of office. She’s not even living with him. And photo after photo of Melania with her husband suggest the distance between the two is more than just physical.

And technically, that is okay. Every First Lady decides for herself what she wants to do with the role. There is no handbook or set of rules that dictates what a First Lady must do. But if doing nothing was her intention all along, Melania Trump should never have been vocal about cyber bullying and the wide held perception of Donald Trump’s misogyny.

It’s a stark contrast from the couple that preceded Donald and Melania Trump in the White House.

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It’s unfortunate. Because if anybody in America has the opportunity to make the women of America feel more comfortable about the perceived misogynist at the helm, it would be Melania Trump. History will judge this, and this could hurt the feminist cause.

History has already judged this, and opinions on Melania Trump are as divided as they are of her husband.

Further, so far, she’s not doing what she said she would do. She campaigned for Trump asking America to be kind to one another and saying she would launch a platform of cyber bullying. That hasn’t happened.

The White House web page for Melania Trump lists causes that are said to be her platform, and are causes that are aligned with the feminism mission, helping women and children. That hasn’t happened either.

In fact, GOP strategist Cheri Jacobus, told Vanity Fair that, “The only action Melania Trump has taken so far in cyber bullying is in regards to herself.” By that Jacobus means that Melania Trump has filed many lawsuits against reporters that say things she doesn’t like as Inquisitr previously reported.

In the days of the campaign, Melania Trump did not speak much for her husband, but when she did, she made it clear she wanted to eradicate cyber bullying. The Guardian reported that in one campaign rally, Melania Trump’s speech on cyber bullying said the following.

“Our culture has gotten too mean and too rough, especially to children and teenagers. It is never OK when a 12-year-old girl or boy is mocked, bullied, or attacked. It is terrible when that happens on the playground and it is absolutely unacceptable when it’s done by someone hiding on the internet.”

That is seen by the public as somewhat hypocritical.


So too is Melania Trump’s alleged work for women and the cause of feminism. CNN reported that at a press conference in February, Donald Trump was asked about Melania Trump’s work with women, and he said the following.

“That’s what I call a very nice question. The first lady feels very strongly about women’s issues and women’s difficulties.”

Donald Trump did not expand on the issues for women that Melania Trump feels strongly about. CNN called Melania Trump’s feminism “plastic feminism” and noted “there is close to zero evidence she has ever actually advocated for women’s rights.”

CNN also noted that Trump told the world more about himself when he made this comment about Melania Trump’s feminism, that women are good for “photo ops” and not for “real positions of power.”

These sentiments were echoed in the most recent Vanity Fair piece on Melania Trump. She was described essentially as a trophy wife, one who is “woefully pliant” and a woman that “speaks only when spoken to.” She was also described as “decorative and polite, not needy and annoying.”

Melania Trump brags about this as well saying, “I’m not a nagging wife.”

Some feminists out there might think Donald Trump could use a little nagging about key feminist topics such as sexual assault, sexual harassment, and cyber bullying. Instead this week, Donald Trump has been very vocal about supporting Fox News anchor Bill O’Reilly who was fired for multiple sexual harassment claims that spanned a decade.

Melania Trump has said nothing, casting doubt on her role as a feminist, women’s issues, and on bullying in general. That’s because she’s not a feminist. And that is fine, but she and Donald Trump and the White House should refrain from saying she cares about women’s issues, and bullying, when there is zero evidence that she does.

Right after Melania married Donald Trump she became pregnant with Barron at the age of 35. That age was, according to a statement Donald Trump made to Howard Stern, “checkout time” for his wife.

Donald Trump Melania Trump Cyber Bullying
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Vanity Fair says that the only reason Donald Trump even agreed to have a child with Melania at the time was on the condition that she would “get her body back” afterwards. He also reportedly joked with Howard Stern that if Melania Trump was in a car accident, he would still love her, so long as her breasts stayed intact.

She did get her body back after her pregnancy. And, judging by the ghost like description of the East Wing at the White House, “check out time” has arrived for Melania Trump. She has checked out by all appearances, and does not even live with her husband.

She says this is a school reason for Barron, for this year. But prestigious Washington D.C. schools have said that the applications that would have been in by now for the fall for Barron, haven’t arrived.

Vanity Fair says Melania Trump knew who Donald was, in terms of his ways with women, when she married him. The source said her attitude was always, “live and let live.”

This is her right to stay with a man that objectifies women, including her reportedly, and has a long string of sexual harassment claims against him himself. But she can’t support a misogynist and also be a person that says she cares about women and children. Additionally, her concern for women and children is in word only, there is “zero evidence” that she has actually done anything.

Lisa Bytner, who did public relations for Trump Model Management told Vanity Fair the following.

“She was passionate about…well I can’t think what she was passionate about.”

Vanity Fair described Melania Trump’s preferred hobbies at Trump Tower as flipping through fashion magazines and doing yoga.

Melania Trump has tried to be active in politics and women, but every time that she does it appears performative, or a scandal rocks her mere statements. Right before she spoke at the Republican National Convention for her husband, Melania Trump told Matt Lauer of the Today show, “I wrote it, with as little help as possible.”

We now know of course that this was not true. The speech itself, which could have been a speech to launch Melania Trump’s cyber bullying campaign and platform for feminism, was originally commandeered by Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump’s husband. Jared Kushner has never been called a feminist.

He reportedly hired two George W. Bush speechwriters for the speech, and gave them the outline of what he wanted to see. The speechwriters expected to hear from Melania, and never did. The speech “sat around for weeks” until Donald Trump’s ghostwriter, registered Democrat Meredith McIver got it.

Within hours of the speech, the Melania Trump plagiarism scandal was hitting the airwaves, after it was revealed that it remarkably embodied a speech by the feminist Michelle Obama. Melania Trump was reportedly “distraught” and checked out back to Trump Tower.

Then, the Access Hollywood tapes. If ever there was a time for Melania Trump to make a position on feminism and women’s issues, this was it. She did not. She dismissed the tapes as “locker room talk” and said her husband had nothing to apologize for.

Donald Trump then hit the campaign trail to say some of the women accusing him were not hot enough for him to hit on. It was a “five alarm fire.”

Parents of Columbia Prep school, the school Barron Trump attends, reported to Vanity Fair that after that incident, “she looked really thin, tired, and sad. Nobody was talking to her. Nobody knew what to say.” It would be November 3 when Melania Trump’s cyber bullying platform would be announced to the world.

Vanity Fair notes, “a claim she made seemingly with no awareness that she was married to the worst cyberbully on the planet.” GOP strategist Cheri Jacobus, a woman who has been bullied by Trump and has been called “a real dummy” and “a major loser” said, “The only action Melania Trump has taken in regard to cyber bullying is in regard to herself.”

Melania Trump may be quiet but she is very smart. It is not likely that she is clueless about her husband. It could very well be why she has stayed in Trump Tower. Since the Inauguration, the distance between the First Couple is palpable.

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Even so, as bright as she may be, she will need to start putting her money where her mouth is, and not in the way of Botox or fillers. There is zero evidence of any work Melania Trump’s cyber bullying platform has accomplished. Mother Jones looked into it, checking into three of the agencies and organizations that Melania Trump would likely work with when it comes to cyber bullying. Their research yielded nothing.

Sameer Hinduja, co-director of the Cyberbullying Research Center said the following.

“No one has reached out to us as of yet. People are posting unsolicited editorials in our space, asking Melania to do this or do that…but her and her team have not reached out to us or anyone we know. And it’s a pretty small circle of experts, so you’d think we’d have heard by now.”

But Melania Trump has been silent on cyber bullying and feminism since November. The parents of the school Barron attends have even been asked to stay silent about politics and the election on school grounds. And between lock downs and helicopters frequently hovering over school grounds, the overall tone of having a president’s child at a New York school has reportedly left the parents of Columbia Prep “very unhappy.”

It would be a good opportunity for Melania Trump to use her position in a school setting to ease that stress. Especially since, every school has cyber bullying. And every school has impressionable young women that could be inspired by having a female leader and role model to look up to in their own community.


There is no Melania Trump cyber bullying platform, and no platform tending to women’s issues, children’s issues, or feminist causes. Instead, Melania Trump stays in Trump Tower, at the taxpayer’s expense of approximately $1 million dollars a week doing yoga and fashion magazines. As she does this, reporters and journalists are archiving away all of the times her husband has tweeted negatively about women or called people “haters and losers.”

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