WWE Rumors: Has Jinder Mahal’s Big Push Exposed The WWE Universe? Is Accepting Diversity Impossible? [Opinion]

The WWE Universe was completely shocked with the events of this week’s SmackDown Live. Contrary to earlier WWE rumors, Jinder Mahal became the number one contender for the WWE championship. The Indo-Canadian star won the six-pack challenge by defeating Dolph Ziggler, Mojo Rawley, Erick Rowan, Sami Zayn, and Luke Harper. His victory came with the help of Bollywood Boyz now called The Singh Brothers.

WWE fans around the world could not believe that Jinder Mahal had won the match, moreover, fans were unable to understand why WWE decided to give him such a big push. The latest WWE rumors hint at the possible reason behind such a big push for Mahal. It is speculated that WWE made such a decision due to its recent expansion plans in India.


WWE has a strong fan base in the country with fans eager to see superstars from their region. As reported by Indian Express, WWE recently unveiled an online store in India. Following Jinder Mahal’s big push the company is planning to flood the Indian market with Mahal’s merchandise.

After his victory, Jinder Mahal was booed by the live audience. He did lash back at the crowd and reiterated the fact that if he became the champion, they would have no option but to accept him. He also said that he was being booed because he did not fit the “American Stereotype.” That brings us to the question that as WWE fans, are we incapable of accepting diversity?

Quickly after Mahal’s victory, Twitter exploded with memes, jokes, and cries about how WWE was wrong in pushing Jinder Mahal. As fans, we always complain that the company is not creative in their bookings. We hate the fact that matches even at grand events such as WrestleMania are predictable.

WWE Universe Against John Cena
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If Rowan or Harper would have won the match, then again fans might have complained that it was predictable. So now when WWE has creatively pushed Jinder Mahal, why are fans complaining? He is definitely a talented guy and who knows, maybe he can surprise us all. However, the WWE Universe does not even want to give him a chance. Why? Isn’t the reason pretty much evident? Let me share a past incidence.

Back in 2011, fans wanted to see some new feuds for John Cena as he had worked with most of the guys at that time. So, WWE decided to give fans what they wanted and put R-Truth against Cena at Capitol Punishment PPV. You would think that fans would have been delighted. Absolutely not, rather fans blasted the choice made by WWE.

Obviously, Jinder has a different appearance, but it would be inaccurate to say that he was booed because of that. Sami Zayn is of Syrian descent and fans would have appreciated his victory. Some WWE Rumors also suggest that Jinder was pushed because the company wants to evoke reactions by pushing a non-American wrestler as a heel.

Fans have every right to be angry over the sudden push of Jinder Mahal not because we cannot accept diversity, but because he has accomplished nothing since his return to WWE. In last eight months, he has been pinned by everyone he has faced. His only notable moment was his altercation with Gronk.

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Following Finn Balor’s concussion incident last week, some WWE rumors had surfaced indicating that Mahal was on steroids, leaving several fans furious, as previously reported by the Inquisitr. It is worth noting that Mahal’s physique has completely changed since his last WWE run that ended in 2014.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer had also expressed similar concerns. He stated that Jinder’s bulked-up muscles and acne on the back were signs that he may be on steroids. Jinder Mahal had denied all the allegations and claimed that his physique was due to an improved diet and strict regime.

Yes, as WWE fans, we have a mindset of not readily accepting changes. We want to see new faces, but do not like when WWE actually brings new wrestlers on the main card. However, in the case of Jinder Mahal, the booing has nothing to do with diversity or other things said by Jinder Mahal.

Do you think WWE was right in pushing Jinder Mahal? Let us know your views in the comments section below.

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