Painting Of Trump’s Severed Head Spawns Fury, But Submissive Hillary Ignored? [Opinion]

The University of Alaska-Anchorage has a painting with Trump’s severed head in the hands of Captain America featured at their art gallery, and it has caused a major stir. The painting not only features Trump’s head, but it also depicts the image of Hillary Clinton lying at the feet of Captain America looking very submissive as a much younger woman. Apparently, this was put together to make some kind of statement.

There is no stopping some quack walking down the street with a T-shirt depicting a bullet going through Donald Trump’s head. There’s also no stopping another quack from Photoshopping that T-shirt on to some unsuspecting celebrity, like Whoopi Goldberg, which was recently done, according to Opposing Views. But such a graphic image of the sitting president of this nation put on display at an institution of higher learning doesn’t seem quite right.

You can view the controversial, possibly NSFW painting here.

To add insult to injury, it wasn’t a protesting student who painted this graphic image of Donald Trump — it was an art professor. This was presented to the university’s faculty art program by Professor Thomas Chung, according to the Fox Insider. According to this painting professor, he chose the subject matter because he didn’t like the results of the past presidential election.

The painting is graphic, but if it can be hung in a college university, apparently it is not considered too graphic to show online. According to Fox News, and as you can see above, the private parts of Captain America have been blurred out. It is bizarre that a man’s penis is too risque, even in art form, but Trump’s severed head is there for all to gape at. Some are asking if this painting is a “hate crime,” as the post below suggests.

Hillary Clinton is depicted as a young woman — maybe in her 20s — in this painting, and she is clutching the naked Captain America’s legs. This hulk of a man stands while holding Trump’s dripping severed head above Hillary, whose white pantsuit is stained with his blood. She just can’t seem to shake that pantsuit even for the sake of blood and gore.

KTUU News reports this painting has sparked a debate over free speech, with polarized views on whether the painting is appropriate to display at a public institution. According to KTUU News, Chung was another one of those folks who spent days crying over the election results.

During the interview, Chung told the reporter, “After Trump was elected, I spent days just weeping. And it was really surprising because I’m not a political person,” Chung said. “I am a social artist. I deal mostly in ideals of culture and global culture but this election bled into that.”

So what does the painter say about his depiction of Hillary?

The professor said, “I was reminded of those 80’s rock posters, where there’s a woman in tattered clothes clinging to a strong male hero’s leg.”

For someone who “spent days weeping” over Hillary’s loss, he certainly didn’t do her any favors with the way he has her painted in this picture. It really is an insult to both Trump and Hillary.

So he spent days weeping? Didn’t some universities and colleges around the country line-up counselors for the depressed and doomed college students who couldn’t deal with Trumps win? According to an article from College USA Today back in November, many colleges and universities offered help of some type to the students who were having a hard time coping with the election results.

From Boston University to Tufts University, it appears dozens of these higher learning institutions offered some type of help for the sad students. Doesn’t this sound ludicrous? The students couldn’t handle their candidate losing, but a graphic picture of the president of the United States getting his head severed isn’t offensive enough to take down? This feeling of doom and gloom is so selective.

Besides the debate going on across social media, the university is getting a lot of complaints. Paul Berger, who is a former adjunct professor at UAA, went to the gallery to see the painting after someone in his family had viewed it. He took pictures of the painting and posted it on social media.

Berger, who says he supports free speech, does question the appropriateness of hanging this of Donald Trump’s severed head in a public building.

He also said, “Had the roles been reversed, and it was Obama’s head hanging there, I think the outrage would be fantastic.”

While the depiction of Trump’s severed head is getting all the attention, Hillary’s image is not. The submissive position that the painter conjured up for Hillary — a girl-like Hillary — is not a compliment to her. She has spent a good part of the last two years vowing to break that glass ceiling and promoting the empowerment of woman. This depiction of Hillary is just awful taking into consideration what she perceives she stands for.

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