Is Hillary Clinton’s Portrait Now A Trump White House Side Show? [Opinion]

It looks like Hillary Clinton’s White House portrait has taken on a whole new life, as Sarah Palin, Kid Rock and Ted Nugent arrange themselves in front of it for a photo op. It was done in a mocking manner, as these three weren’t positioning themselves around Hillary’s portrait to worship it.

You can almost see Hillary Clinton spotting this viral photo over her morning coffee and envision the smoke coming out of her ears. These three are mocking the woman who made a mockery out of American politics with her own rules and secret servers in her bathroom at home.

Kid Rock, Ted Nugent and Sarah Palin are certainly strange bedfellows, but for some reason they were Donald Trump’s guests on Wednesday night at the White House. The Kansas City News jokingly suggests this trio was at the White House to consult with Trump on North Korea.

Russia would be more like it because at least one of these guests can see that country from her house. That goes back to a famous saying that Sarah Palin once spewed back in the day when Senator John McCain brought her into national politics as his vice presidential hopeful.


Is this funny or is this sad, to see these three notable guests of Trump taking advantage of the time and place to mock Hillary’s portrait? The White House is the peoples’ house and these are the people, but Hillary is still a portrait from history and is mocking that historical portrait crossing a line?

The three of them standing in front of this portrait of Hillary is reminiscent of a picture taken out of the old wild west. This isn’t the first time Hillary’s portrait has been mocked. Look at the picture below with the snowmen flanking her portrait along each side.

After the visit, Ted Nugent posted a little ditty about his time with Trump, as seen below. Both Nugent and Kid Rock lost some fans for their adamant support of Donald Trump according to Mad World News. But it was well worth it to them to get the country back on track with Trump at the helm.


Sarah Palin and the two rock stars sat down for dinner with Donald Trump at the White House during their visit. From the pictures that both Nugent and Palin posted on social media, it looks as if a good time was had by all.

According to Mad World News, Trump can’t take down any of the portraits of past presidents and first ladies that are strewn around the White House walls, but he can put whatever he wants near them. That is just what he did last night when his dinner guests decided to let Hillary know they were at the White House admiring, or not exactly admiring, her portrait.

Social media is having a field day with this picture which is making the rounds on Twitter and Facebook today. Hillary hasn’t made a comment about it yet, but she is not having a very good week with a new book that hit the shelves. This new book spills the beans on the behind the scenes of her campaign. The picture painted from this new book, Shattered, was how Hillary Clinton as a very sore loser the night of the election.

According to Politico today, her former campaign staff is denying all the “infighting” that was reported in the book. The book suggested that Hillary’s staff members were more concerned about their own careers rather than putting Hillary in the White House. The book didn’t make it sound as if Hillary had too many loyal people surrounding her.

CBS News reports that the former presidential candidate refused to concede to Trump even when the writing was on the wall that there was no way for her to walk away the winner in the late hours of election night. Despite a few phone calls from Obama sternly suggesting she concede, she waited.

[Featured Image by Dennis Cook/AP Images]