5 Prime Time TV Shows Likely Canceled In 2017 [Opinion]

TV shows come and go. Some that were popular five years ago are no longer performing as well as they could be. Networks need to make space for new shows they believe will perform better. While CBS, CW, ABC, and NBC have all confirmed renewals of a few major shows and others are all but confirmed, here is a look at five shows that are likely heading for cancellation.

NBC’s Powerless

It’s no secret that Powerless hasn’t had the best start. The freshman show was hindered by NBC’s decision to turn a one-week planned break into a two-week mess. Fans shared their outrage on Twitter, but the network never apologized for the mess-up.


If that wasn’t enough, two weeks after that last-minute schedule change, Canadian viewers saw “Emergency Punch-Up,” which is the episode due to air this week! The changes and mistakes have made it very difficult for fans to follow the storyline and connect with the characters.

The writing hasn’t exactly been stellar, either. Initially a promising, original storyline, Powerless turned out to be a mash-up of many other comedy programs already on the air.

ABC’s Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time came to the air six years ago and instantly gained a loyal fanbase. That’s not surprising considering the original take on the fairy tales. However, it’s a show that has now run its course. While there are some talks of Once Upon a Time Season 7, this doesn’t look likely as the ratings are dropping fast.

ABC hasn’t exactly shown that it wants to save this show. When Qunatico’s ratings started dropping, the network switched nights to see if it could help. OUaT kept its Sunday night slot. Despite returning its focus on the original characters, the show just hasn’t picked up enough. The storyline is also wrapping up relatively well, with the fairy tale book reaching its final chapter.

Fox’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine

The Fox comedy does have a loyal fanbase, but it may be too small to save the show for another year. It was a breath of fresh air when it first came to the screens, and the show did have a season high when it wrapped for the winter in January. However, the ratings haven’t been good enough when it returned this month.


Working against Brooklyn Nine-Nine is the fact that Fox doesn’t own the show. It will likely want something that it can make more money from its shows, which means saving another show in danger of being canceled in 2017: New Girl.

CBS’ 2 Broke Girls

Another comedy possibly closing its doors is 2 Broke Girls. It doesn’t look that great that CBS has already confirmed the renewal of a handful of comedies, including Mom and The Big Bang Theory, and also confirmed the spinoff of TBBT, Little Sheldon.

The show isn’t performing as well as it used to. Some original fans says that it is too much of the same thing and there isn’t enough originality anymore. To top it off, Warner Bros. owns the show and will need to make a good deal for CBS to keep it going if it continues to perform poorly.

Fox’s Scream Queens

Another Fox comedy likely heading for the scrap heap is Ryan Murphy’s Scream Queens. The show arguably only received a second season because the DVR and streaming ratings were good. That hasn’t been the case for the Scream Queens Season 2, according to Cheat Sheet.


The show’s viewing ratings are below average compared to Season 1. Slightly lower isn’t something to worry about, but when the DVR ratings aren’t stellar then there are signs that there is no future for the comedy horror. There are still a few weeks to go. If fans want to see Scream Queens Season 3, they will need to keep tuning in live to prove to Fox that it’s worth renewing.

Do you agree with this list? Which 2017 shows do you think are in danger of cancellation? Share the ones that you’d like to see canceled or renewed in the comments below.

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