Will Hillary Retreat Back Into The Woods After Mortifying Behaviors Revealed In Book? [Opinion]

Was Hillary Clinton the epitome of a sore loser on election night after refusing to concede early on when the writing was on the wall? Despite a stern request coming from Barack Obama, did she wait until she was good and ready? A picture is painted of some rather embarrassing deeds that were done around the presidential election by Hillary Clinton in a new book that has hit the shelves this week.

Hillary can’t seem to hide the disdain she feels for Donald Trump and he was probably the last person she wanted to talk to on election night, but political etiquette dictates that is the thing to do, so she eventually had no choice. Even today, you’d be hard-pressed to find a clip taken after the election of Hillary uttering the name “Donald Trump.”

Recently, she has started alluding to the new president’s administration during interviews, but you usually don’t hear her say the president’s name, “Donald Trump” or even “President Trump.” She’s even tweeted about Trump without mentioning him by name, like that mocking “3-0” tweet Hillary posted when the panel of three appeals court judges agreed to uphold the ruling on Trump’s travel ban, as Yahoo News described. That simple, but oh-so mocking tweet is seen below.


A new book, which is described by CBS News as a literary “autopsy” of the Hillary Clinton campaign, has gotten the nation’s attention. Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign was released to the public on Tuesday. This book has painted the former presidential candidate as a rather sore loser by making a disgrace of herself when assigning the blame for her loss to just about anyone else but Hillary Clinton.

Despite all the innuendos that surfaced after Hillary lost the election that suggested she knew she was going to lose long before election night, this book seems to indicate something different. Back in November Politico reported that this was a “loss Clinton saw coming.” The way Hillary’s actions are described on election night in this new book does not seem to coincide with a woman who saw the future of the election as a win for Trump.

It was right after the election when Politico’s article described how publicly her team didn’t show it, but privately they knew her chances were “always fragile.” In this new book, Shattered, which is written by Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes, Hillary was desperate on election night and didn’t know what to say to the people about losing to Trump.

This was one of the reasons given for her taking so long to concede even after President Obama made a few requests for her to do so. If Hillary saw this loss coming, she would have been ready, but she had nothing prepared to say to the crowd about this loss.

This new book reveals enough of the behind the scene tactics used during the campaign to cause Hillary embarrassment and send her back into hiding in the Chappaqua woods now that it is made public. Hillary was told by Barack Obama that it was time to concede, but Hillary wasn’t ready.

It was the “wee hours of the morning” cites CBS News, when Obama called John Podesta and “reiterated” what he had told Hillary in the previous phone call, which was that she needed to concede. After she talked to the president again and after the AP had already announced the election as a win for Trump, she called her opponent.

It was a conversation that lasted less than a minute, as she offered the words, “Congratulations Donald.” Her next call from Obama was answered by Hillary first saying, “Mr. President,” and she then went on to say, “I’m sorry.”

The mistakes that Hillary and her camp made during the campaign were numerous, according to this book, with some being even rather ridiculous. One case in point is when Hillary’s communication director Jennifer Palmieri asked Huma Abedin to give her the name of the person who Hillary wanted for her first nationally televised interview. It would stand to reason she would pick a friendly face as the interviewer.

The name “Brianna,” was Hillary’s reply. The interview was booked with Brianna Keilar on CNN News. Little did Palmieri know that Clinton had meant “Bianna,” as in Bianna Golodryga, who was a friendly face for the Clinton family. Golodryga has ties with Hillary that go way back. Golodryga is also the wife of the budget director for Obama’s administration, Peter Orszag.

Orszag also served in Bill Clinton’s administration as an economist, so Golodryga was well-known to Hillary, but most of all, she was a friendly face. By the time the mistake of booking Hillary with Brianna Keilar was realized, it was too late for Clinton to back out.

The book called this interview a “disaster” as Hillary had “staring daggers” when it came to Keilar. This blew her camp’s hopes of showing Clinton as a candidate “at ease” with the press. They were also hoping that the interview would end with the message that her email troubles were nothing to worry about, but that didn’t happen either. This was really the wrong interviewer.

The Business Insider cites how Hillary “blamed everyone but herself for her humiliating defeat to Trump,” which is discussed in this new book. The behind-the-scenes of this campaign sounds so unorganized with “infighting staffers” who were more interested in their own careers than getting Hillary across the finish line as a winner.

As far as Hillary was concerned about the election loss, this was due to external factors and nothing that she herself did over the course of the campaign. Even today, despite all the professional analysis offered on this election loss that cites Hillary’s mistakes, she still blames FBI Director Comey, incompetent campaign staff, Russia’s election interference and the news media for her presidential loss to Trump.

NBC News reported in the beginning of April how Hillary blamed all outside forces for her election loss during her first interview post-election. She was at the Women in the World Summit in NYC when she spoke about the loss and she assigned the blame on Vladimir Putin and James Comey along with other external forces.

Misogyny “certainly played a role, that has to be admitted,” claims Hillary. This is when she offered up her thoughts on how “some people – women included – had real problems” with the idea of a woman president. Many people commented that they didn’t have any problem with a woman president, it just depended upon who that woman was. Needless to say, the message was sent by this election loss that the woman wasn’t going to be Hillary Clinton.

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