Thomas Gibson Supporters Declare #HotchSeesAll: Hotch Understood The ‘Criminal Minds’ Vision [Opinion]

Thomas Gibson’s character, Aaron Hotchner, was the glue that held Criminal Minds plots together, according to many viewers and especially Gibson fans at #NoHotchNoWatch. Hotch was perhaps the rock that kept the crime drama well grounded, consistent, and logical through the first 11 seasons.

Thomas Gibson saw the greater vision for where Criminal Minds story arcs were leading, and he remembered small details of where the show had been. Was Thomas the one who stayed the course and kept the show on track? It is beginning to look that way.

This week, Thomas Gibson supporters at #NoHotchNoWatch have set aside the hashtag #HotchSeesAll for their weekly gathering. Each week, the boycotting tweeters are asked to use the hashtag of the week and the hashtag #NoHotchNoWatch together. This week they will use #HotchSeesAll and #NoHotchNoWatch.

Former Criminal Minds star Thomas Gibson has been valuable to Criminal Minds. As an actor, Thomas Gibson faithfully portrayed Unit Chief Aaron Hotchner and as a director, and Gibson faithfully guarded the storyline of Criminal Minds. The truth of his passion for consistency in every line came out in the story of why he was terminated.

Thomas Gibson was reliable, always on time, and present for every single episode for over 11 years. Thomas Gibson promoted the series and brought with him the huge fan base he acquired over his long and successful career.

The hashtag #NoHotchNoWatch is in most ways a boycott of Criminal Minds due to the termination of Thomas Gibson. The #NoHotchNoWatch activists have been joined by many ex-fans of Criminal Minds who say it’s no longer a sacrifice to stop watching the show they once looked forward to watching.

Criminal Minds still features a few of the original cast members fans continue to love. Still, previously loyal fans are saying Criminal Minds makes little sense without Thomas Gibson as Hotch, and the new plot lines and story arcs are not to their liking at all.

Thomas Gibson and Hotch both gave Criminal Minds stability. Hotch doesn’t just rock — he was the rock that has held Criminal Minds steady for 11 seasons and kept ratings high.

Thomas Gibson’s character served as a credible leader of the BAU, who worked to keep the unit cohesive. Thomas as Hotch was believable as a supervisor of highly talented agents and able to coordinate efforts within the team. He looked like the boss, maintained the demeanor of an authority figure, and portrayed an obvious leader.

Perhaps more importantly, Thomas Gibson, as an occasional director and a team player always ready to contribute to the creative process, may have kept Criminal Minds’ plot straight. Thomas was dedicated to maintaining the quality that kept Criminal Minds a top-rated show for 11 years.

Thomas Gibson’s dedication to plot stability and continuity was the issue that led to Gibson’s termination from Criminal Minds. Gibson apparently took a stand to protect the show from a script with contradictions.

Thomas Gibson of Criminal Minds

Thomas Gibson told Criminal Minds’ co-producer and writer Virgil Williams that a single line of dialog was not congruent with a previous story, but Virgil refused to change the line. Thomas Gibson told Vanity Fair about the initial discussion with Virgil Williams, which reignited moments later and led to Thomas being terminated from Criminal Minds by CBS.

“We were shooting a scene late one night when I went to Virgil and told him there was a line that I thought contradicted an earlier line. He said, ‘Sorry, it’s necessary, and I absolutely have to have it.'”

Thomas Gibson was integral to Criminal Minds at least in the minds of many viewers. A recent Inquisitr article drew many comments from viewers expressing their disdain for what their favorite show Criminal Minds has become. Here are a few of the comments fans are making about Criminal Minds Season 12.

Thomas Gibson as Hotch gave Criminal Minds stability and focus, according to Robin McKee, who also mentions a bad turn in Spenser’s story arc. Spencer is portrayed by Mathew Gray Gubler, a masterful actor and heartthrob who, according to this comment, deserves a better story.

“Was bad enough losing Shemar, but the character of Hotch gave the show stability and focus, then throw in this disgusting waste of Spencer’s character and I no longer watch the new episodes. Seasons 1 through 11 reruns will continue to be my go-to binge. Big mistake with Hotch and Spencer. We as viewers were so emotionally invested in both of them due to having the deepest and richest back stories. Such a sad thing for loyal fans to witness.”

Thomas Gibson apparently flagged plot deviations and storyline errors. That is what led to the disagreement resulting in his termination. Perhaps Gibson is needed for more than just playing Aaron Hotchner? Fans are dissatisfied with the plot now as well as the absence of Hotch.

In Criminal Minds’ latest story arc, Matthew Gray Gubler’s character, Dr. Spencer Reid, has been framed for murder and is now in prison, according to ASZ News. Spencer was also made to doubt his own sanity this season since his mother has issues and he had no memory of the night of the murder. It was a cruel trick, and fans didn’t care for the idea of Matthew Gray Gubler taking abuse in prison.

Would Thomas Gibson have steered Criminal Minds writers away from this disastrous plot line? If the 2016-2017 television season has taught writers anything, it should be not to imprison and torture fan favorites, beloved characters, and heartthrobs. The Walking Dead made the same mistake this year with Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon. It impacted ratings for The Walking Dead as well.

Thomas Gibson’s Aaron Hotchner was a central figure in the plot of Criminal Minds, and fans say the overall plot suffers without having a strong central character as a leader. Further, the plot is suffering in other ways due to story arc problems.

Criminal Minds ratings have suffered significantly since Thomas Gibson left Criminal Minds, as Sharron Phillips points out in her Inquisitr comments. Shaaron Phillips, a huge Thomas Gibson fan, had this to say and more in the comments.

“We all now know that Thomas is the reason CM’s been on for 12 seasons, and his presence is needed in order for CM’s ratings to get above the below average performance it’s now experiencing… [Thomas Gibson’s] fan base will follow him to any new venture just like we followed him from Chicago Hope to Dharma and Greg then to Criminal Minds. He is a valuable commodity in the industry with a ready-made audience. Any network would benefit tremendously from his presence.”

Many Criminal Minds fans are more loyal to Thomas Gibson than Criminal Minds. Thomas has been a beloved star and heartthrob for at least 30 years, and some fans have followed Thomas since he was a soap opera star.

Thomas Gibson’s huge fan base will follow him to whatever project Gibson might want to undertake next. They refuse to watch Criminal Minds and encourage others who are likewise disgruntled to stop watching as well.

There is some talk of Thomas Gibson and Jenna Elfman rebooting Dharma and Greg. Jenna Elfman told People she has been wanting to do that for about a year now. If this happens, Gibson’s fans will probably follow him back to Dharma and Greg.

Dharma and Greg staring Thomas Gibson and Jenna Elfman

Criminal Minds fan Rosa Cloyd’s comment really says it all. This is someone who always watched the show until season 12, but now doesn’t.

“I would like to see Thomas Gibson brought back to the show. I have watched it each season until Mr. Gibson was let go… I would like to think that things could be worked out to save a show that has been really good until a rash decision was made.”


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Criminal Minds has fallen under severe criticism, and ratings have dropped significantly since CBS dismissed Thomas Gibson. Criminal Minds was once a flagship show with stellar ratings and a loyal viewership. Now, many previously loyal fans are joining #NoHotchNoWatch.

If Criminal Minds does not correct their mistake soon, Thomas Gibson might be otherwise engaged on the new Dharma and Greg, and Criminal Minds ratings could continue to fade away. Although CBS has refused to reinstate Thomas Gibson as Hotch, now might be a very good time for them to make an apology and an offer before it is too late.

Thomas Gibson fans at #NoHotchNoWatch, say #HotchRocks and Criminal Minds just doesn’t rock anymore.

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