Should Steve Stephens’ Death By Suicide Bring Joy? Cleveland Facebook Killer Dies, RIP Memes Emerge [Opinion]

Should Steve Stephens' Death By Suicide Bring Joy? Cleveland Facebook Killer Dies, RIP Memes Emerge

As soon as news broke about Steve Stephens killing himself in Erie County, tweets like the following ones began emerging on Twitter. “Steve Stephens is dead,” reads the description, with a meme of DJ Khaled popping Champagne used to convey the elation of people online that the manhunt for the Cleveland Facebook killer is over. As reported by the Inquisitr, the family of Stephens’ victim, Robert Godwin, Sr., only wished for God’s will to be done against Stephens, not for Steve to be tortured. Amazingly, Godwin’s son forgave Stephens after the heinous crime.

With that being said, though Steve’s death brings a big sigh of relief to those who were searching every white car containing a bald-headed, heavily bearded black man, should folks be showing elation at the death of Stephens?

As of this writing, Twitter reports Steve Stephens as the top trending topic after Stephens was found dead in Pennsylvania. Also trending are the hashtags #facebookkiller, Erie County, and Pennsylvania State Police. While some people are outright celebrating the death of Stephens at his own hands, during a news conference held on Tuesday, April 18, about an hour after Steve killed himself, Cleveland authorities bemoaned the loss of life and that they couldn’t get more information out of Stephens before him killing himself.

“A loss of life is a loss of life.”

Chief Calvin Williams wasn’t celebrating Steve’s death but was dismayed that Stephens couldn’t share the details about what drew him to such a dark place, and that the information couldn’t be used to draw others out of their own dark places.

One daughter of Robert Godwin Sr., Branda Haymon, wished that Stephens would have been killed in a “hail of bullets,” as reported by CNN.

“All I can say is that I wish he had gone down in a hail of one hundred bullets. I wish it had gone down like that instead of him shooting himself.”

However, other family members of Robert leaned on their Christian beliefs to wish that Stephens would have been brought to justice as God willed it. On social media, some Christians are criticizing other Christians for praying for Steve to be tortured and the like, since that notion seems to go against biblical values.

As seen in the top photo, Cleveland Police provided an image of Stephens.

While celebrations like the following are being witnessed on social media, they are mixed in with commentary about the death of Steve and concern for his soul.

“Steve Stephens killing himself was such a coward way out. He killed an innocent man & he should’ve gone to prison & suffered for that.”

“Thank you Lord, for answering my prayer… Facebook suspect Steve Stephens kills himself after pursuit.”

“Amen. ‘Steve Stephens found dead in Pennsylvania.'”

“Steve Stephens should’ve suffered and been tortured. But thank you for saving taxpayer dollars.”

“I wanna see a picture of his dead corpse or I’m not buying it sorry!!!”

“So people are saying this whole Steve Stephens situation is fake and a government setup….okkk…”

“Steve Stephens is dead. Let’s have breakfast.”

“You really think this whole Steve Stephens thing is fake? Wtf he made a video LIVE can’t fake a live video?”

“I knew that bastard Steve Stephens was going to kill himself. No sympathy for him whatsoever.”

“As the cops approached the guy who killed that man yesterday, Steve Stephens shot and killed himself. So the world is a safer place!”

“Something deep within mourns for Steve Stephens’s soul. He needed a savior just like you and me, but it was too late.”

[Featured Image by Cleveland Police/AP Images]