Michelle Obama Strikes A Glam Pose For Barack, Internet Goes Bonkers Over Yachting Shot [Opinion]


When Barack and Michelle Obama boarded a yacht in the South Pacific, the cameras were clicking as photographers tried to capture that money shot. While the couple appeared to be oblivious to the cameras on shore, Michelle did stop to strike a pose for one photographer in particular. That camera-yielding fellow was none other than Barack Obama himself.

This is the third time within a couple of weeks a photo of Michelle Obama has emerged that made the internet go crazy. All three pictures are seen below in the article. The first had to do with her wearing her hair “natural” on a rare occasion. The second time folks went nuts was when the former first lady was spotted on a paddleboard in a swimsuit that some called a “bikini.” Now, this latest photo of Michelle on board a yacht is the third time the internet couldn’t get enough of the former first lady within the last few weeks.

Michelle and Barack Obama looked like their main objective on their South Pacific island vacation in paradise was to let their hair down, and the latest pictures seem to indicate they’ve had success with their goal. The picture gaining all the attention across the social media sites isn’t the image that just shows Michelle striking that pose. It is the picture with Barack also in the shot attempting a quick photo op with his wife as his subject matter.

In the viral picture, which is seen below, you can see Michelle dressed in a black tank top and white shorts leaning up against the railing of the privately owned 454-foot super luxury liner. Standing about 25-feet away from the former first lady is the former president. Barack has a camera in his hands lining it up for that glam shot of Michelle yachting on the morning of their departure from the island paradise.

Last week, the internet on the other side of the world went crazy over Michelle in a bathing suit, which was lost in translation as a “bikini.” This week, it is Michelle in shorts and tank top posing for a “glam” shot with her husband clicking away at the camera. The viral photo was taken on the top deck of a yacht off the island of Mo’orea in the South Pacific, according to CNN.

After nearly a month in French Polynesia, Barack and Michelle climbed on board this yacht, Rising Sun. This is a yacht owned by music mogul David Geffen, reports the Daily Mail. They rubbed elbows with Bruce Springsteen, Oprah, and Tom Hanks, who joined the couple for a two-hour get-together.

Yahoo News puts Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson and Bruce Springsteen with his wife on board the Rising Sun with Barack and Michelle Obama. They have Oprah as “possibly” on board, due to reports she was spotted on the deck of the yacht.

Barack Obama took advantage of the luxurious scenery of this yacht in the crystal blue waters of the South Pacific to use as a backdrop for taking the former first lady’s picture.

The picture of Barack taking a photo of Michelle went viral as soon as it hit social media. There is something about seeing the former president and first lady kicking back that appeals to the masses after eight years of eyeing them in proper business attire. Many social media users commented about Michelle letting her hair down and how good she looked as her natural curls framed her face.

Michelle Obama fired up the internet a few weeks ago when a picture of her surfaced that was taken a few years ago on another vacation. She was wearing her hair “natural,” and the praise she got for that look was overwhelming. That picture is seen below.

According to CNN, the post-presidency for Obama “has been more glamorous than you can imagine.” Sailing on this yacht is a big jump from sailing those pristine waters on top of a paddleboard, which is how Michelle Obama was pictured in the first photo of the former first lady to go viral while on this island. That photo is seen below from a Facebook post.

Described as a “whirlwind” trip by the Daily Mail, the Obamas’ vacation was one that the average couple could only dream about. They certainly know how to ease their way back into civilian life.

[Featured Image by Charles Dharapak/AP Images]