Melania Trump Primps Barron And Prompts President As Eggs Get Ready To Roll [Opinion]

It is endearing to watch Melania Trump around her son, Barron, as she is a mom who truly takes pride in her young man putting his best foot forward. Barron is only 11, but even when his mom wears her stiletto heels, you will still find yourself straining to see who is taller when they stand side-by-side.

It is because Barron is so tall that it is hard to imagine that this young man is only 11, and even though Melania is treating him age appropriately, it may look at times like she’s not because he is such a big kid. Melania’s pride was apparent on Monday morning as she hosted the White House Easter egg roll with Barron and President Trump by her side. She looked at Barron as a way every mother should look at their child, bursting with pride.

Barron was all smiles, and it looked as if he’s been practicing his wave to the crowds since we last saw him in public. He looked like an old pro at his welcoming wave to the people on the White House lawn, as seen in the picture below. On the way down from the White House porch, Barron walked in front of his mother, and she swiped at his sport coat shoulders. It was as if she were removing lint or possibly some pollen that is bound to be floating around this time of year.

At 11-years-old, Barron didn’t seem to mind his mom straightening out his sport jacket, but that could change in a year or two. Barron is rounding the corner to becoming a teenager, and that’s the age where boys and girls wouldn’t dare be seen with their moms primping them in public. There’s no doubt that Melania is bursting with pride while watching Barron welcome the crowd — just look at her facial expression in the photo below.

Barron Trump Welcomes Easter Egg Roll Crowd With Big Wave
[Image by Susan Walsh/AP Images]

Melania Trump hosted her first White House Easter egg roll this year, and she appeared on the steps of the White House with Donald Trump and Barron for the opening introduction. She was elegantly dressed in a cocktail gown and offered an elegant speech that thanked all those who helped get this event up and running.


Melania paid special attention to the veterans in attendance and thanked all those who keep the country safe. She did a bang-up job, and she not only made the president proud, but you could see as the cameras panned the crowd, she also made the people proud.


Barron looked like he genuinely enjoyed the event, and when his father mentioned his name, his already smiling face managed an even bigger smile as he waved to the crowd below. Melania not only flawlessly managed this traditional event, but she managed her husband a bit while up on the steps overlooking the crowd. The first lady gave her husband a nudge to remind him to put his hand over his heart as the nation anthem was recited.

This wasn’t a nudge that went unnoticed, and social media is having a field day with it today. What they saw was something spouses across this nation have done at one time or another, which is to give their other half a little reminder. It might not be during the national anthem, but it could be a reminder to extend their hand for a handshake or to take their hat off while inside.

That’s what spouses do — nudge. It is a gesture that usually works, as it did today between Melania and Donald Trump. And it might have gone off without a hitch except for one small thing — social media was watching. According to Business2Community News, social media took notice, and you know how that goes.

Just reading the headlines of the articles online reporting this nudge seen around the world, you can guess if they are supporters of Trump or not. “Melania Trump Reminds Donald Trump To Respect National Anthem,” writes Business2Community. E! News writes in their headline, “Melania Trump Nudges Donald Trump To Raise His Hand For Anthem.”

A nudge is just a nudge, but that is not how many across the social media sites saw this little reminder, but of course, you have to take into consideration where the comments are coming from. Trump supporters saw this as rather normal, but the anti-Trump set saw this a little bit differently. One social media user asked if Trump is a “plastic patriot.” Another saw the clip of Melania nudging her husband and said that “behind every great man is a great woman.” You can only guess what camp each of these social media users hails from.

[Featured Image by Susan Walsh/AP Images]