WWE News And Commentary: If You Like The WWE, Then You Should Be Listening To PodcastOne [Opinion]

If you enjoy wrestling and the latest in WWE news, then there are a handful of shows hosted on PodcastOne that are a must-listen. What makes these shows refreshing is that they are hosted by people who are actually worked for the WWE. Unlike other podcasts that are hosted by fans; which is fine, but you’re not going to get an insider perspective from them. And like any subject matter, there is a wide variety of opinions. So by listening to all of the shows throughout the week, a fan can get a well-rounded viewpoint of current WWE news and happenings.

Killing the Town with Storm and Cyrus

Lance Storm and Cyrus have spent decades in the industry, and they have been friends for just as along. It’s hard to find better-spoken podcast hosts, and the duo dish-out their knowledge regarding everything wrestling. Every Tuesday, the WWE universe can listen to new episodes from this entertaining pair.

The Steve Austin Show

Every avid fan of the WWE should be listening to this podcast every week. If you go by record ratings, and sheer fandom, that has never been toppled, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin is the greatest professional wrestler of all time. During The Attitude Era, you couldn’t go to your mailbox without running into someone with an Austin 3:16 hat or t-shirt. The very idea that there would be wrestling fans not listening to this show is astounding to me.

Steve Austin talks about everything from his day-to-day life to reviewing WWE events. He hosts a family-friendly clean episode on Tuesdays, and on Thursdays it’s anything goes. His recent episodes include reviewing WrestleMania, Vince Russo as a guest, and discussing combat training with Five Finger Death Punch’s Zack Bathory.

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Vince Russo’s The Brand

This reporter was a professional wrestler for nearly a decade. And I find myself listening to more podcasts about the WWE, than actually watching the WWE. And Vince Russo makes that easy since he does five episodes a week on his podcast. I fast-forward through Raw in order to make it a 90-minute show—I think we can all agree that three hours featuring much of the same highlights is a bit much—and I rely on Russo’s show to let me know what I missed. He compliments the WWE where he feels it’s fair, but like many of us, he’s often disappointed with the current product.

Per his usual, Vince is controversial, outspoken, and vulgarly brilliant. To be fair, he is always cordial to his detractors unless they change the tone. Vince is sometimes ridiculed for calling out people who write about the business, yet they have never done anything in the industry, and sometimes even calling out the fans. Regardless of what industry you work in, no one appreciates an armchair quarterback. So when these amateurs state their opinions of how Vince Russo is no good, or whatever negativity the haters spew towards him, of course they’re going to be called out; because they have zero-experience in the field compared to his 25-year career.

It also seems there is a large portion of the WWE universe who thinks they are bookers. But they’re not; they’re still fans. Which is awesome, but they need to be just that—fans. Just because the curtain was lifted many years ago, doesn’t mean they know how to run Oz. So Vince takes issue with those that partake in ridiculously rude chants, and reject ideas before they have even had a chance to get a fair start.

But you know who Russo does respect? Fans and members of the WWE universe who are respectful, regardless of their differing points of view, and don’t try to run the show. Vince loves chatting with fans with various opinions, but like most people, he doesn’t like dealing with those who can’t offer a thoughtful opinion. If you’re a fan of the WWE, then Russo’s podcast will give you a nice point of view though a unique pair of lenses.

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His show gives a nice balance between reviewing WWE and other wrestling outlets, while providing the latest in WWE news. He welcomes an intelligent debate from anyone, interacts with his fans over Twitter, and of course, has no problem sharing his true thoughts on the profession. Similar to Steve Austin, Vince Russo was a huge proponent behind the Attitude Era, and his podcast is a rare and very entertaining treat for wrestling fans.


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In addition to the aforementioned shows, PodcastOne also hosts Talk is Jericho, The Ross Report, and several other podcasts centered on wrestling and WWE news.

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