Roman Reigns In WWE Tug Of War – Prompts RAW Honcho To Speak Out [Opinion]

Roman Reigns is quite possibly the most hated guy in the modern-day WWE based on his reactions from the fans, cites Kurt Angle. As the new RAW general manager, Angle offers up the scoop on the tug of war going on with Roman Reigns behind the scenes.

It was after Braun Strowman turned Reigns into nothing but a rag doll as he tossed him around on Monday Night RAW that Kurt Angle admits there’s a problem. Give Me Sports suggests that it was “refreshing” to hear a WWE employee under contract talk so openly about the situation with Roman Reigns.

Basically, it sounds like Angle is saying it was the WWE that created this monster of a situation with Reigns. The WWE pushed him too much down the throats of the fans, explains Angle, and they did this much too soon.

The road that the WWE took to put Reigns in this polarized position with his fans was not meant to end up this way, but it did. Some might call it a dead end because he is stuck without an alternate way out. He’s either accepted by the fans as a face or not. The only option after that is heel, a place Vince McMahon has adamantly banned Reigns from going.

As Angle said, Reigns “was utilized and pushed way too fast.” The end result is Reigns today, like a ship without a port. Half of his fans consider him a good guy and to the other half think he is the epitome of a bad guy. Depending on which side of his fan base you talk to, they love him or hate him.

You would think that if you were a fan of Reigns then you would love the guy, but in a sport like wrestling, that’s not always the case. It is easy for a wrestler to have a fan base who hate him or her. Some folks who absolutely despise Reigns will follow his every move in the WWE. They wouldn’t dare miss an opportunity to boo the guy.

Haters aren’t the best kind of fans to have because they come equipped with a booing mechanism built into their system. With Reigns, there’s no mistaken that he has fans who hate him, but after all, they’re still his fans. These type of fans boo Reigns to the point that it sounds like they want him gone. But these same fans would be the first crowd to squeal if Reigns suddenly disappeared from the WWE.

Angle said, “When you skip the US title, Intercontinental title, the King of the Ring and go right to the top, fans don’t like that. Half the fans love him; half the fans hate him.”

Fans saw it happen to another icon in the WWE – John Cena. Angle said how Vince McMahon “pushed the hell out of him [Cena],” leaving fans awestruck about the wrestler being invincible. He said the fans then were saying “Gosh dang. This guy’s invincible. I hate him.”

When it comes to Reigns, Angle said that fans might be looking at the question of the Big Dog turning heel or not for some time to come because there’s basically a tug of war going on. Vince still has big plans for Reigns, he sees the Big Dog as the face of the company for 2018. How he will get Reigns there is another problem as the fans continue to boo the heck out of him.

Give Me Sports suggests getting Reigns to a place where he is a likable face of the WWE could come in a form of “a coronation” at WrestleMania 34. This could happen by having Reigns defeat Brock Lesnar. According to The Sun, WrestleMania 34 is still a year away. It is slated for April 8, 2018 in New Orleans.

Kurt Angle admits that there may come a day when Reigns will have to turn heel. It could very well happen when they come to a point of no return. That would be a point where the WWE takes him too far with the boos and disparaging remarks to come back.

While he’s still a face because that is what Vince McMahon wants for the guy, the future of Reigns is still up in the air. The only thing that remains for sure for this wrestler is that he will still be with the WWE, loved or hated, face or heel.

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