Trump Target Of Ludicrous Slam For Lack Of White House Pet [Opinion]

Donald Trump’s popularity is on the upswing after two major decisions coming from his administration against the world’s enemies this past week. Now it appears folks are running out of complaints, or legitimate complaints, about Trump, it’s time to attack him on a personal level again. This time it starts with his lonely ascent up the White House stairway and into his bedroom alone.

Instead of asking why Trump doesn’t have a White House pet, the New York Times spins it like this, “Breathes there a man with a soul so dead that he doesn’t want a loyal dog or faithful feline trotting beside him when he mounts that lonely staircase to the venerable Master Bedroom?”

There is the bedroom again, it wasn’t so long ago that the media blared the headlines of Donald and Melania Trump having separate sleeping quarters. Of course they do now with the two of them in different cities, but the reports had them sleeping alone under one roof.

Now that the topic of sleeping arrangements, which was deemed “fake news” by the White House, has been saturated, it’s time to make Trump’s journey to his bedroom a long and lonely one each night. The Times report didn’t work the angle of reality, which is Trump’s first few months in office being extremely busy. Instead of suggesting that he hasn’t had time to even think about getting a pet, no — it’s because he has a “soul so dead” that a pet doesn’t appeal to him. That’s not nice.

Trump is one of the first presidents to not have a dog or cat as a pet, according to the Times. They also offer a list of the domestic and exotic pets that have been housed at 1600 Pennsylvania by Trump’s long line of predecessors. Past presidents have owned, “snakes, a badger, a lion, a hyena, zebra, bears and even elephants, gifted to James Buchanan from the king of Siam, present-day Thailand.”

Who can forget the hoopla over “Bo,” the Obama family’s dog? The Portuguese water dog made headlines when he first came to live with Barack and Michelle and their girls as the family pet. The Times also suggests that “by all appearances, Mr. Trump doesn’t like animals.” That’s not nice.

Alan M. Beck is a professor of animal ecology at Purdue University and the director of the Center for the Human-Animal Bond and he had something a bit disparaging to add to Trump’s lifestyle. He said that it isn’t hard to see that Trump has a lack of commitment to animals and nature. He then goes on to say, “his sons are trophy hunters.” Again, not very nice.

Beck, who was a staunch Hillary supporter in the last election, claims he isn’t surprised that Trump doesn’t like dogs. Who said Trump doesn’t like dogs? This new president is just rounding his first 100 days in office and trying to pick up the shattered pieces and mess left by the last administration.

Why would getting a pet become an immediate priority under these conditions? With the work and chaos he’s had to face, chances are Trump would like nothing better than to have time to throw a ball around with a dog. No, instead there are much more pressing issues at hand he needs to deal with. Besides, can you see Trump on the White House lawn throwing a stick for Rover after the Syria airstrike. What a field day the press would have with that picture for headlines.

It could be that Trump is waiting for his 11-year-old son to get to the White House before making a decision on the type of dog they will get. Back when Trump was just elected and waiting for inauguration day to arrive, he was looking at a Goldendoodle dog named Patton for the White House dog.

It was a friend of the Trump family who had the puppy, but with Barron finishing out the school year in Manhattan, he wouldn’t be in the White House until June. It could be that Trump decided to start the search for a White House dog once Barron gets to Washington for good.

It seems odd that this bashing of Trump would bubble up because he doesn’t have a pet yet. How does someone twist Trump’s lack of a White House pet so far into someone who doesn’t like animals?

Even some Democrats who once bashed all things Trump have praised him recently for some big decisions, like the bombing in Syria. Hillary let the world know she condoned the Syria bombing, but she never associated the deed with Trump. Instead, her camp made it sound as if it was her idea.

Despite Hillary still not being able to utter the name “Trump,” other Democrats can, and did, over the course of the last week. As the Intercept News reports, Trump had “bipartisan praise” for the bombs dropped in Syria. Besides Hillary, leading Congressional Democrats also praised the event of 59 Tomahawk missiles being dropped on Syria. Both Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer were quick to announce their praise of the event, although they did have concerns about the process.

Hillary’s camp let it be known that she had mentioned that U.S. should attack Syria hours before the actual deed was done, as seen in the tweet below. Despite those missiles blasting off and heading Syria’s way being done by the hands of Trump’s administration, Hillary desperately needed to have some credit for this, but none was given except by her own entourage.


Donald Trump should take this story in the New York Times as a compliment. Apparently, he is doing so well at the helm of the nation that folks cannot find a thing to criticize about the president this week, except for his lack of a pet in the White House. While Trump is elbow deep in presidential duties, the first family is not together yet at the White House. Melania and Barron Trump’s move to Washington has been officially announced by the White House this week, so maybe once they are all together under one roof, a dog or a cat will come on board. Or maybe not.

[Featured Image by Andrew Harnik/AP Images]