Hillary Clinton Slammed On Twitter For Lauding Controversial Policy [Opinion]

Hillary Clinton is currently very vocal about numerous progressive development issues and has on numerous occasions tweeted about some of them. Just a few days ago, she used Twitter to laud a new move by New York to offer a scholarship plan to residents. Of course, this is very good news for students from poor backgrounds and should actually be a celebration for most in the state.


The policy was signed by Governor Andrew Cuomo with former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton present as a guest. The following was Cuomo’s statement in regard to the new policy.

“Nobody’s going to be denied growth and advancement because of how much money they have in their pocket, or the color of their skin, or the country they come from.

“This is exactly the image that progressive leadership believes in and delivers on. And I am so grateful to my friend and our governor for taking this idea and not just talking about it, but actually making it happen for the young men and women of our state.”


However, for the new Hillary Clinton endorsement, the devil is in the details. According to former State University of New York Chancellor D. Bruce Johnstone, unrealistic expectations about the new law should be avoided. The following were his exact words in relation to this.

“It will help a slice of middle-class students, but it’s only a slice. If you’re really concerned about students who are not attending because of the reality or the perception of unaffordability, this is not the way to help them. This is going to cost money, and it will make some parents happy, but I don’t see it moving the accessibility needle.”

Now to the catch. Apparently, the policy which Hillary Clinton lauded requires recipients to meet a long list of criteria, including having to live and work in New York for the same number of years in which they benefitted from the scholarship. For example, if the tuition grant covered a student for four years, he or she would have to live and work in New York for four years after graduation, and if this doesn’t happen, it is converted to a loan that has to be repaid.

Dubbed The Excelsior Scholarship, it will reduce the substantial $83,000 total average cost for tuition, room, and board by about $26,000. This is for families earning an annual average of $100,000. It is worth noting that the remaining $57,000 will still have to be paid. The following is an excerpt of a report from the New York Times detailing student qualifications for the grant hailed by Hillary Clinton.

“To qualify, students must attend school full time and be on track to graduate within two or four years, depending on the degree they are seeking. But low-income students often must interrupt their studies to work. At the state’s community colleges, more than 90 percent of students would not qualify for free tuition based on those requirements. Even at its four-year colleges, 60 percent would be ineligible.”

As such, many have slammed Hillary on Twitter for having supported the college grant idea, but only at the end of her campaign after it brought greater support. Senator Bernie Sanders is credited as the originator of the idea. The following are some of the tweets in relation to this.


That said, the rationale behind the policy was explained by Cuomo, who offered the following statement.

“The concept of investing in you and your education is that you’re going to stay here and be an asset to the state. if you don’t stay here, then go to California and let them pay for your college education.”

This was while speaking with state editorial writers and as reported by the NY Post. Hillary Clinton is speculated to be aligning herself with numerous agendas in readiness for 2020.


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