Elizabeth Warren Is The Ninth-Most Unpopular Senator, And This Is Why [Opinion]

Elizabeth Warren is the ninth-most unpopular senator in the country, according to the results of a poll by Morning Consult. Of course, as usual, Bernie Sanders ranked as the most popular senator in the United States. I’m not just rubbing it in when I bring up Bernie Sanders. The two lawmakers’ popularity rankings are not exactly mutually exclusive. There is a very good reason why Senator Warren is so unpopular. Standing way outside of Washington, D.C., it’s easy for everyday Progressives like me to see why Warren’s ratings haven’t risen, even as Progressive issues are on the forefront of liberal American’s minds.

The Democratic leadership seems to be oblivious, but the people have been shouting it from the rooftops and their Twitter feeds.

We expected Senator Warren to join us in backing Bernie Sanders.

That day never came though. She never endorsed him. She never stood up for him. It’s like she spent the near-entirety of the presidential nominating season unsure of what to do while her Progressive constituents were on the streets, fists in the air, feelin’ the bern.

Then, one Thursday night in early June – June 9 to be exact – Senator Elizabeth Warren betrayed us. To make matters worse, she betrayed us on MSNBC’s the Rachel Maddow Show to Rachel Maddow, who had already betrayed us.

Thursday, June 9, 2016, on the Rachel Maddow Show, Elizabeth Warren endorsed Hillary Clinton.

“I’m ready. I am ready to get in this fight and work my heart out for Hillary Clinton to become the next president of the United States — and to make sure that Donald Trump never gets anyplace close to the White House,” Warren said. And literally, thousands of Progressives wept.

Angry tears.

That was it for the Berniecratic side of the Left. Warren would, from that day on, be known to Progressives as the senator who not only failed to support a like-minded candidate when it mattered, but also endorsed the Wall Street candidate before the primaries were even over.

It was a punch in the gut out of the clear blue sky, and the Progressive Left will never forget it.

Warren isn’t the absolute most unpopular Democratic senator though. There are still a few Democratic senators even less favorable in their ratings than Senator Warren.

Democrats in power should take note that these unpopular Democratic senators all have a few things in common. Their own constituencies wanted a President Bernie Sanders, they endorsed Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders during the primary season or earlier, and they were superdelegates.

Michigan’s Democratic Senator Debbie Stabenow is even less popular than Warren. Stabenow heavily supported Hillary Clinton’s presidential run right from the start.

Stabenow was a superdelegate in Michigan. Bernie Sanders won the Michigan primary, despite Clinton’s attempt to create a false image of Sanders’ history on trade agreements immediately before the primary voting began.

Michigan loves Bernie Sanders, and Debbie Stabenow fully backed Hillary Clinton every step of the way.

Through the primaries and with her superdelegate vote at the convention, Stabenow was “with her.” Michiganders felt betrayed. They wanted Stabenow with them.

From Wisconsin, Tammy Baldwin ties for sixth-least popular senator in the United States. Baldwin joined Clinton on stage at a Hillary Clinton rally in April of 2016. Wisconsin loved Bernie Sanders. Following the rally where Baldwin suggested that Clinton could bring about America’s greatest days, Baldwin’s state voted for Sanders in its primary. Sanders held a huge lead over Clinton in Wisconsin, and Baldwin really screwed up her chances by not representing the people of her state as a superdelegate.


Baldwin defended her superdelegate vote against Sanders.

“Depending on what happens here in New York tomorrow, it may become mathematically impossible for Bernie Sanders to catch up,” Baldwin said weeks after her state voted for Sanders, according to The Hill. “At this point he still could, but I don’t see that happening. My superdelegate vote will go very much in line with the popular vote in the United States.”

Using your superdelegate vote against the will of your state – against Bernie Sanders – will tank a senator’s popularity every single time.

The fifth-least popular senator is Democrat Claire McCaskill. McCaskill was a superdelegate, too. She’s also the most unpopular of all Democratic senators. McCaskill endorsed Hillary Clinton in 2013 three years before the election even happened, according to Politico. In 2015, the same day that polls showed Bernie Sanders doing shockingly well when stacked up against Hillary Clinton, McCaskill blasted Sanders on Morning Joe, Politico reported.

It’s really no wonder why McCaskill is the most unpopular Democratic senator.

There you have it. Democratic lawmakers who disassociate themselves from large portions of their own constituencies and undermine the most popular senator in the United States are not very popular. Shocking, isn’t it?

[Featured Image by Steven Senne/AP Images]