NFL Rumors: Why The Dallas Cowboys Should Draft A Quarterback [Opinion]

It would be wise for the Dallas Cowboys to be in the market for another quarterback. The pending retirement of Tony Romo leaves the Cowboys thin at the NFL’s most important position. Will the Dallas Cowboys look in the upcoming NFL draft for developmental passer or the free agent market? If the opportunity presents itself, the Cowboys, namely owner Jerry Jones, should do the former.

There will be no Tony Romo to help Dallas. That may sting the Cowboys a little bit. If he had opted to play football instead of taking a job with CBS (courtesy of the Dallas Morning News) to be their lead analyst, he would have either been traded or released. Cutting or dealing Tony Romo may have put the Cowboys in a similar situation regardless. But there was always an option for the Cowboys to keep Romo around just in case starter Dak Prescott struggles in his second season.

Losing Tony Romo to broadcasting would not hurt the Dallas Cowboys as much if Mark Sanchez were still on the roster. The much maligned Sanchez was a consummate professional last season. He bolted the Cowboys to sign a one-year deal with the Chicago Bears. Sanchez’s departure to the Bears is what truly leaves the Cowboys in a bind.

All of the Dallas Cowboys’ backup quarterbacking duties now belong to Kellen Moore.

Moore’s durability could come into question after he broke his right ankle during the preseason. It did cost him the 2016 season, according to Fox Sports. If Moore were to get hurt again the Cowboys could be doomed.

With Dak Prescott looking to prove that his rookie year was not a fluke and Kellen Moore trying to stay healthy, Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones needs an insurance policy.

It should not come as a surprise if Jones and the Cowboys take a QB in the later rounds of the NFL draft. They absolutely must consider doing such.

There are holes on the defensive line and secondary that the Dallas Cowboys must fix. Their first four drafts will likely be used on defensive players. The one exception could be the selection of a wide receiver in rounds three or four. After that, the Cowboys should strongly consider taking a developmental quarterback to be groomed as Dak Prescott’s future backup.

Kellen Moore is only under contract for a year after the Cowboys re-signed him (courtesy of Bleacher Report) in March. Behind Moore, there is no one of significance for Jerry Jones’ club.

The Dallas Cowboys should draft a quarterback, but which quarterback?

All of the top quarterbacks will be off the draft boards, therefore the Cowboys will have to find a diamond in the rough.

If Miami’s Brad Kaaya is available in the fifth round the Dallas Cowboys should strongly consider taking him. Since most players selected in the fifth round are either projected to be special teams players and developmental talent, there is no harm for the Cowboys to take a QB.

Brad Kaaya fits the bill due to his size, at 6-foot-4 and ability to learn an NFL offensive scheme. With the Miami Hurricanes, Kaaya played in a pro-style system. There are a couple of knocks on Kaaya, which is his lack of mobility and the need for a clean pocket in order to be successful. That being said, Kaaya looks like a quarterback who would work in Dallas.

One interesting prospect for the Dallas Cowboys to consider is Virginia Tech’s Jerod Evans. Evans has good size and can elude tacklers. The question mark with him is his lack of experience. That should not matter as much for the Cowboys as the goal should be to replace Tony Romo, the backup quarterback, not the starter. Evans, with Kellen Moore

It is unknown what direction the Dallas Cowboys will truly take. They need defense. But what the Dallas Cowboys, primarily Jerry Jones should do at the very least is draft a developmental quarterback because Tony Romo is not walking back through that door.

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