What Is The Real Meaning Of Easter And Holy Week? [Opinion]

Millions of Christians are celebrating Easter this weekend. Many people are coloring eggs with their children, taking them on Easter egg hunts, and eating chocolate. We can’t ever forget about the chocolate. However, does everyone know the real and true meaning of Easter? Do they know that Jesus Christ, our Lord, and savior, died on the cross for our sins? Do they know that the Holy Father God sacrificed his only son on the cross to wipe out our sins? Do people really, truly know this and believe this in their heart of hearts? Many people do and some don’t. It is really sad that some people don’t realize this happened for us. Now, because of Jesus dying on the cross on Good Friday, we will all have eternal life some day.

What is Holy Week?

According to Metro News, and more importantly, the Bible, Holy Week is the week before Easter Sunday. During Holy Week, we have Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday. Maundy Thursday has several different other names including Holy Thursday, Covenant Thursday, Great Thursday, Thursday of Mysteries, and Sheer Thursday. The Thursday before Easter marks the day that Jesus had his last supper with his disciples or followers. It is called the last supper because he was sacrificed on a cross the next day, Good Friday.

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Good Friday marks the day when Jesus was hung on the cross to die for our sins. Although it is called Good Friday, many people are saddened on this day because it is the day Jesus died for all of us. However, it is called Good Friday for two reasons. One reason is that Good actually means Holy and the other reason is that it is good because, although Jesus did die on this day, it also reminds us all that he was resurrected on Easter Sunday, three days later, and this reminds us all that we will have eternal life.

Holy Saturday marks the day when Jesus laid in his tomb. It is also the day after Good Friday, the day before Easter Sunday, and has many other different names including Easter Eve, Easter Even, Black Saturday, and the Saturday Before Easter.

Easter Sunday is the day Jesus was resurrected from the dead. This is a happy day for Christians, because it proves (to those who believe) that there really is eternal life after death. Many people eat dinner with family as a way to spend time with family on this day.

Although Jesus did die for our sins, he was resurrected three days later on Easter Sunday
Jesus loved us so much, and still does, that he died for our sins. [Image by Jack Taylor/Getty Images]

Jesus died for our sins on Good Friday, but was resurrected. This proves (for those of us who believe) that as long as we follow God’s word and do what He wants us to do, which is be kind to others and love everyone no matter what, we will also have eternal life after we die and after Jesus comes back to walk the Earth.

Many people color eggs on Easter with their children and kids really enjoy doing this creative task with their parents. However, did you know that the Easter Egg is a symbol for Jesus too? The Easter Egg actually symbolizes new life, and Jesus started his new life after he came back from the dead. Cracked eggs symbolize an empty tomb.

Did you know we are not supposed to eat eggs at all during Holy Week? This is how coloring eggs came to be a tradition because back then, they were saved, decorated, and given to children as Easter gifts.

Another thing we are not supposed to do during Good Friday is eat any meat, except fish, because it is not considered meat, since it comes from the sea. Eating meat means eating flesh and Jesus gave his flesh when he died for our sins.

What do you believe about Easter? Do you celebrate it and believe in God and Jesus? Sound off with your thoughts on this and let us know what you think.

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