The Donald Trump Military Strategy: Aimless, Belligerent, Clumsy, Deadly, Expensive [Opinion]

We are now closing in on the 100 day mark of Donald Trump’s presidency and the military strategy of the current President of the United States is becoming increasingly clear with each passing day. While the establishment media and the followers of Trump’s personality cult may argue that Donald’s military endeavors thus far have been highly successful and indicative of a Commander-In-Chief intent on “getting things done,” the facts paint quite a different picture. In fact, the truth is that Trump is committed to continuing along the same pointless path as the United States has been following for many years, perhaps with a little more dramatic flair. He is a former reality TV star, after all, and nothing makes for better reality TV than war.

Donald Trump’s military strategy is aimless. What precisely is our end game in Syria or in Afghanistan? That’s not exactly clear. We want Bashar Al-Assad gone in Syria, but what takes his place other than endless conflict between rival factions and quagmire? In Afghanistan, the United States military has been fighting for a decade and a half with no end in sight, and no plan in place to even put an end in sight. The military strategy there seems to be a pointless “keep fighting to keep fighting” infinite loop. If Trump’s plan to “make America great again” does not include a precise withdrawal plan for the conflict in Afghanistan, then he is not going to make America great by any stretch of the imagination.

Donald Trump’s military strategy is belligerent. According to the Guardian, Trump’s policy of letting the reckless military leaders call their own shots led to the decision to drop a MOAB bomb on Afghanistan. The bomb cost over 300 million to develop and each one costs an estimated 15 million to produce. The net result of the use of the MOAB in Afghanistan was 36 ISIS militants killed in a CIA-built tunnel system that a negligible 600-800 ISIS militants use. There’s really no clear purpose for such an absurd waste of money except for Trump and his generals to belligerently flex their muscles. Meanwhile, at home, Trump argues we don’t have the money to pay for upkeep in our Nation’s treasured National Parks.

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Donald Trump's military strategy will not make America great again.

Donald Trump’s military strategy is clumsy. According to Al Jazeera, a United States-led airstrike that aimed to hit ISIS targets in the northern Syrian Raqqa province instead clumsily killed 18 Syrian rebel fighters who were members of the Syrian Democratic Forces earlier this week. ISIS surely appreciates this continuing clumsy approach to fighting demonstrated by the United States.

Donald Trump’s military strategy is deadly. According to Airwars, an organization that tracks deaths due to air strikes in Iraq and Syria, more civilians were reported killed during the first three months of 2017, a total of 2,826, than were killed in all of 2016. This includes a strike in Mosul in March that left 200 civilians dead, according to the Daily Beast. A strike in Yemen in January not tracked by the Airwars killed 30 civilians, including an 8-year-old girl who was a citizen of the United States.

Donald Trump’s military strategy is expensive. Military waste is certainly not a new concept in the United States, but despite Donald Trump’s eagerness to curb federal spending in areas such as environmental protection, education, the arts, infrastructure, and health care, the President apparently sees no problem in spending excessive amounts of money on military operations that yield minimal returns. In addition to the MOAB bomb dropped on Afghanistan which killed a mere 36 ISIS fighters while costing 15 million for the single bomb, Trump last week ordered the firing of 59 Tomahawk missiles at an air base in northern Syria. According to CNBC, the Shayrat air base was in use the following day by the Syrian military. That’s an estimated 60 million dollars wasted for no clear strategic purpose beyond making some international headlines and, perhaps, winning Trump some brownie points from the corporate media who seem absolutely thrilled at the prospect that they’ll get to cover war escalations.

There are many words that can be used to describe what we’ve seen from Donald Trump’s military strategy thus far. It is foolish, globalist, hostile, illegal, and judiciously-challenged. Trump’s military strategy kills, lies, manipulates facts, and negates evidence. It is obnoxious, puerile, quixotic, reckless, and shameful. Perhaps the best word for it is simply that it is Trumpian, but it is also undermining, vain, and just plain wrong. Trump’s military strategy can be described as xenophobic, certainly, but also yesterday’s, as much of it is just more of the same foreign policy adopted by his predecessors.

Donald Trump’s military strategy is a big, fat zero.

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