Casey Anthony: Her Father Says She Killed Caylee, Could It Be Retaliation For Her Sex Abuse Claims? [Opinion]

Father of Casey Anthony says she did it, could it be retaliation for her claims during trial?

Casey Anthony has once again been dominating the headlines, six years after her acquittal in the case of her daughter’s murder. This time around, Casey’s parents are participating in an Investigation Discovery television miniseries, “Casey Anthony: An American Murder Mystery,” and her father George Anthony is making some very disturbing accusations regarding Casey’s possible involvement in the death of his granddaughter, Caylee.

According to Dateline, the Casey Anthony miniseries (which aired this week) broke ratings records for the Investigation Discovery network. The series featured some never-before-seen footage of Casey Anthony and her deceased daughter, as well as interviews with her parents and other close family members and new insight into an alleged murder case that has dominated the American legal landscape for nearly a decade.

Airing roughly one month after Casey Anthony herself inexplicably re-emerged into the public eye by giving a candid interview with the Associated Press (who says Anthony initiated the interview, not the other way around), the new Investigation Discovery series shed light on what those closest to Casey think may have happened to little Caylee 31 days before her mother told anyone she’d vanished — how the little girl may have really died and why Casey’s family members think what they think about Caylee Anthony’s fate.

In the mini-series, one outspoken critic of Casey Anthony rose to the forefront: her father, George Anthony. According to George, he believes that Casey did, in fact, kill Caylee. What’s more, according to George Anthony, the legal defense Casey’s team used at her murder trial (namely that Caylee had accidentally drowned in the family pool and Casey covered it up in a panic) is nothing more than a “bunch of crap.”

“I don’t believe (the drowning). That’s a bunch of bull to me. That’s too easy of a story to bring up ’cause if that would’ve happened, I think my daughter would’ve at least had the common decency or common sense inside to call 911 and say something…That’s a bunch of crap”

George Anthony has a very believable theory regarding how Caylee died, and it involves her mom slipping the 2-year-old illegal drugs to “knock her out” so that Casey was free to party and live her life as a “hot,” young, 20-something single mom.

“I believe that Casey gave (Caylee) something. Caylee didn’t wake up.”

But why would George Anthony say these things about his own daughter? Why would he make such public accusations against Casey, who was acquitted by a jury of her peers, particularly when he doesn’t claim to have actually seen Casey Anthony dosing or otherwise abusing her daughter leading up to her disappearance?

It’s possible that George Anthony could be using his time in the spotlight to get back at Casey for some of the allegations that she levied against him during her murder trial. Because while Casey and her legal defense team were fighting for her freedom, George Anthony was thrown under the bus, vilified without proof, and made into a public spectacle.

As Life & Style reports, Casey Anthony accused her father of years of shocking, vile, and almost unbelievable sexual abuse during her murder trial. What’s more, Casey further alleged that her father helped her dispose of little Caylee’s body after the toddler drowned. Six months after Caylee disappeared, her skeletal remains were found not far from the Anthony home — the level of decomposition made it impossible for the medical examiner to determine her cause of death or to substantiate the prosecution’s case that Caylee had died after her mom deliberately dosed her with chloroform.

Shockingly, and perhaps tellingly, in her recent Associated Press interview, Casey Anthony now claimed that she doesn’t know what happened to Caylee. However, she didn’t hesitate to once again implicate her father, George, as being an accomplice in whatever happened to the little girl.

“The last time I saw my daughter, I believed she was alive and was going to be okay, and that’s what was told to me. My father told me she was going to be okay. That she was okay.”

George Anthony has always denied that he ever sexually abused his daughter, but that didn’t stop graphic allegations of his alleged abuse from being recited at her murder trial. In fact, as Daily Mail reports, Casey Anthony even alleged (according to her attorney) that her father was Caylee’s biological father (to date, Caylee Anthony’s biological father has never been revealed), and that George Anthony had killed and disposed of Caylee to cover up his sexual abuse. George would go on to attempt suicide, and a paternity test would later determine that George Anthony did not father his own granddaughter.

It’s unlikely that the world will ever know whether or not George Anthony sexually abused Casey Anthony as a minor, but Casey has repeatedly been proven to have problems with honesty. While she was acquitted of murdering her daughter in 2011, she was convicted of four misdemeanor counts of providing false information to law enforcement regarding what had happened to Caylee.

In addition to publicly claiming that Casey likely killed Caylee, George Anthony added that he wants to see his daughter punished for her alleged crime. Like many Americans, he appears to believe that the infamous tot mom “got away with murder.” According to George, Casey should be “behind bars and [should] suffer like… Caylee suffered.”

While George seems to wholeheartedly believe that Casey killed Caylee, Cindy Anthony (Casey’s mom) doesn’t share his beliefs. Reportedly, while George has had no contact with Casey since her acquittal, Cindy still speaks with her daughter on occasion.

As for Casey Anthony, she’s now 31 years old and a free woman. She is also rumored to be pregnant and engaged, and during her Associated Press interview, she claimed that she now “sleeps well,” and that she doesn’t care what anyone thinks.

“I don’t give a s**t about what anyone thinks about me, I never will. I’m OK with myself; I sleep pretty good at night.”

What do you think? Is George Anthony punishing Casey for the unsubstantiated claims of sexual abuse she made at her trial, or is he simply weighing in on a case close to his heart and soul? What do you think about the rumors that Casey Anthony is not just enjoying her post-Caylee life, but is pregnant and engaged, too? Let us know in the comments section below.

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