Michelle Obama In A ‘Bikini,’ Photo From South Pacific Island Is Trending Story? [Opinion]

New reports indicate that Michelle Obama donned a bikini while on her first vacation since vacating the White House. This is one of the trending stories coming from the Pacific island vacation spot where Michelle and Barack went to relax after two long terms as the president and first lady of the United States. As their vacation wrapped up, the people of Mo’orea had nothing but kind things to say about Michelle and Barack Obama.

According to the translated version of Bunte News, the people on the island are seeing the former first lady as they’ve had never seen her before – in a bikini. While Barack Obama was spotted boating and swimming from the day he first arrived, there was no sign of Michelle Obama. Then, she finally emerged paddleboarding in the bay of the French Polynesia island.

According to the translated article from TNTV News, Barack Obama arrived in the middle of March, but there was no sign of Michelle at all. Finally, Michelle was seen in Mo’orea with her husband, which is where she was spotted paddleboarding. Someone snapped a picture of Michelle paddleboarding and posted it to social media, where it went viral.

While the picture shows Michelle in a bathing suit on that paddle board, which witnesses are calling a bikini, she is wearing a life-saving vest over her swimsuit as she paddles through the tranquil waters of what looks like paradise. Because she is covered up with that vest, it is hard to say what type of bathing suit she has on. A translated version of a VIP News article cites Michelle in a bikini on that paddleboard.

It appears that the picture being dubbed “Michelle Obama in a bikini” is the one above, according to the articles coming from the Pacific paradise. While the former first lady was seen paddleboarding, her husband, Barack, was spotted participating in all types of water activities, from swimming to boating. The website, I Have The Truth, reports Michelle was spotted in a “tiny bathing suit” while up on a paddleboard. From “bikini” to “tiny bathing suit,” the descriptions seem to indicate Michelle was comfortable donning beachwear and taking to the water.

For eight years, Michelle Obama has followed an unwritten etiquette that the previous first ladies have followed when it comes to their mode of dress. They don’t go out in public in mini-skirts or wear shirts showing too much cleavage. All through Michelle’s time as the first lady, she wasn’t spotted in public wearing a bikini, but now that she is no longer holding that position, she is free to wear whatever she wants.

It seems that both Barack and Michelle are extremely popular figures among the people of the Pacific islands where the couple went for their vacation. They were called a “sympathetic couple” in the Bunte News article. While they give no explanation as to why Michelle and Barack Obama were seen as a sympathetic couple, it could be that something was lost in translation. It also could be that because Obama belongs to the Democratic Party, which is no longer at the helm of this country, they sympathize with the party loss.

As far as Michelle Obama being seen in a “bikini” that says a lot about how relaxed she’s become since her time in Washington, D.C., as the first lady. While Michelle wasn’t seen as a fashion icon like Jackie Kennedy, she has donned some beautiful and classy outfits while living in the White House. It was just a few weeks after Michelle became the new first lady during her husband’s first term that she had her “first lady” portrait taken. This portrait is much like the one recently taken of Melania Trump.

Michelle was criticized for her choice of attire that she wore for her very first portrait back in 2009. She wore a sleeveless dress, and some thought she was too casually dressed for such an important portrait, as reported on an archived article from ABC News back in 2009. She was under fire for showing her arms in the portrait back then. Next, Michelle wore long sleeves when her second portrait was taken for Obama’s second term. The dress was fine, but she caused quite the hoopla for wearing her hair in bangs, which is described in an article from Hollywood Life back in 2013.

The first lady at the time had a comeback for those who commented on her bangs in her 2013 first lady portrait. She said she was going through a mid-life crisis and since buying a new sports car wasn’t something she could do at the time and bungee-jumping was frowned upon, she went for bangs. Many loved her “fringe” around her face, but she was also dealt some rather critical remarks.

It seems that Michelle learned early on that the fashion police were alive and well when it came to targeting the first lady. She maintained a classy and dignified look all through her time in the White House, but she is the first lady no more. So, no matter what type of bathing suit she wears, she doesn’t have to worry about the critics. Today, Michelle Obama is just a regular U.S. citizen and not someone being held on high as an example for this nation.

[Featured Image by Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP Images]