5 Ways ‘Reign’ Season 4 Could End To Completely Wrap The Series [Spoilers] [Opinion]

Reign Season 4 is the very end for the CW historical fiction drama. This was confirmed before the season premiere in February, and fans quickly debated how the show could end. While the show is only nine episodes into the royal drama, there are some burning questions. One of the biggest is just how historically accurate the show will be.

Reign doesn’t have a history of sticking to the real details of Mary, Queen of Scots’ life. It is as if the (some of the) names and places remain the same, but the lives differ for the sake of storytelling. That could happen in the final season, which means the real end for Mary may not happen.

With that in mind, here are four ways that Reign Season 4 could end to completely wrap the series.

There are potential spoilers for Reign Season 4 due to elements taken from the real Mary, Queen of Scots.

Mary Is Executed by Elizabeth I

If the show sticks to the history, the first way to end the show is obvious. Like The Tudors ended with the death of Henry VIII of England, Reign would need to end with Mary, Queen of Scots’ death. In real history, Mary was executed for treason, according to Biography. While Elizabeth did sign Mary’s death warrant, Elizabeth wasn’t happy that the execution was carried out.

It is possible that things may change if this is the storyline the writers work with. Mary may be brought to London, so Elizabeth physically witnesses the death of her cousin.

Mary Is Killed by Someone Else

An alternative option is that Mary never actually makes it to England, which is where she flees after she abdicates her Scottish throne. It is possible that she is captured on the way to England and killed by someone else.

With the way Reign is set up, it is certainly possible that someone will want her head. Mary has already been close to death throughout the last three years. She could sacrifice herself to protect her son, who would go on to become James VI of Scotland or die by Protestant hands to make sure her son becomes king right away.

Mary Flees and Lives a Quiet Life

Mary has always loved the countryside. She enjoyed the freedom that she had living in the nunnery, which is where she had been hidden until Reign Season 1. It is possible that the writers will decide not to kill her at the very end.

In fact, the writers could go one step further. It could look like Mary was executed, but instead, she was secreted away to live a quiet life. Catherine is now one of Mary’s strongest supporters and would do anything to save the Scottish queen. Together with Narcisse, they could set up a plan to switch Mary for a pretender if she does end up in the hands of the English.

James Becomes King of Scotland and England

The show doesn’t actually have to stop with Mary’s death (or presumed death). It is possible that whatever happens, the show remains focused on Scotland for just an episode, even for just 10 minutes of the last episode. This would allow the writers the chance to show what happens between England and Scotland.

For those who don’t know Scottish and English history, Mary does have a son called James. He not only becomes James VI of Scotland but also James I of England. Elizabeth dies without an heir and James is the closest relation to take the throne, joining the two countries.

Mary and Francis Meet Each Other Again

Mary’s heart still belongs to Francis. It’s clear from the most recent episode that the love she bore him will never go away and never diminish. He was her one true love, and she will want to be with him again when she dies.

The show has taken a mystical route in the past. This could happen at the end of Reign Season 4. Nostradamus could come to Catherine with news that he has seen her son again. Francis and Mary are in the afterlife happily together, almost like a Titanic moment. This would certainly have Frary fans extremely happy.

How do you think Reign Season 4 will end? If the show sticks to the history, the ending will be obvious. However, the writers could tell a different story. Will Catherine swoop in to save Mary’s life?

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