Kylie Jenner Is Better Off Without Tyga As Rapper Is Once Again Facing Legal Trouble [Opinion]

The youngest Kardashian-Jenner sister may be counting her blessings as she seems to have dodged a bullet since breaking up with her rapper boyfriend. Tyga, 27, is once again facing legal actions as he was spotted being led away by police on Tuesday on suspicion of DUI.

Contrary to some reports, however, Tyga was not placed under arrest. He was cited for not having the proper license plates on his new Mercedes, according to E! News.

“The 27-year-old musician, born Micheal Ray Stevenson, was driving his custom Mercedes G-Series after a night out at Avenue Nightclub. He was pulled over on the corner of 1600 North and Cherokee Avenue for running a stop sign and having no license plates.”

After pulling him over, police decided to take the “Rack City” rapper into the station for a sobriety test, which he passed. He was then released after being cited for the plates and driving without insurance, according to Hollywood Life.

“…he was released just over an hour later with a traffic ticket for driving without license plates or insurance, which is illegal in California.”

While Tyga’s car might be brand new, according to his Instagram posts this week, Hollywood Life also states dealers provide temporary plates, but his was missing in this instance.

“T told reporters he didn’t have plates because his Mercedes was brand new, but the dealer is supposed to provide owners with temporary license plates in these situations.”

Hollywood Life reports 19-year-old Kylie Jenner was in no way affected by news of her ex-boyfriend’s run-in with the police. In fact, the only reason Kylie was concerned about the situation is if it could impact her in any way.

“When she found out the whole story, she didn’t worry about it too much because it wasn’t something that was super serious and it didn’t affect her in any way. She was more focused on how it would affect her than anything else.”

Ouch. It seems Jenner was more worried about how Tyga’s latest legal woes could affect her public persona more than what was actually happening with him. In fact, the teen was seen partying the night away with friends as she went about her own business.

“Kylie shared fun videos from the night out on Snapchat, and certainly didn’t look to be thinking about what her ex might be up to!”

Perhaps Kylie is over the drama surrounding her ex as he seems to constantly be making headlines for negative reasons. From his financial and legal troubles to the controversy surrounding Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian, fans might not be surprised to learn Kylie is over it.

While this latest situation might seem a bit ridiculous to some, it’s not an isolated event for Tyga. The rapper has been in and out of legal trouble this past year as he faces lawsuits over failing to pay bills. Tyga has an extensive history of traffic violations as well, as reported by TMZ.

During a routine traffic stop in 2012, Tyga was found to have a warrant for his arrest stemming from previous traffic infractions.

“…Tyga was initially flagged on a routine traffic violation… but during the stop, cops discovered the warrant stemming from 4 other traffic incidents. According to KSNV in Nevada… Tyga’s prior issues include driving without a license, registration violations and unlawful acts of financial responsibility.”

Of course, these are just a few examples of Tyga’s legal issues as a quick Google search shows a more extensive list. So, it’s really no surprise Kylie decided to call it quits finally, as her ex-boyfriend’s issues could very well end up being her downfall if she isn’t careful.

[Featured Image by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]